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  • SubGenre:Ghost Stories
  • Age Range (years):10 - 12
  • Language:English
  • Pages:216
  • eBook ISBN:9798350951486
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350951479

The Phantom Library

by JoAnna Rowe

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You don't find the Phantom Library. It finds you.

Seventeen books lay waiting on its dusty shelves. Tendrils of fear uncurl from their spines, searching for children to trap in their stories. Many curious minds have been taken by the library. They were kids looking for excitement. Instead, they found horrors chasing them to the end.

You may escape the library, but the stories never leave you.

Check out if you dare.


Books in the Phantom Library

1. Trial of the Last Wish | A trial begins against a dangerous child.

2. The Sound | A sound makes a powerless town lose their senses.

3. Leek Soup | The only vegetarian in a boarding school searches for food.

4. Dead Arcade | A game is life in a world of the undead.

5. Fortune Speller | A mute child reveals a fortune teller's crime one word at a time.

6. [Ir]regular Regardless | A boy is asked to walk his blind neighbor to their first day of school.

7. Borghese Button | A girl listens to a clown and pushes a mysterious button.

8. A Man with Two Hands | Passengers on a train can't figure out why one man has two hands.

9. Last Phonebooth on Earth | A girl learns that not having a phone isn't the end of the world.

10. Quiet Town | Silence covers a dark secret.

11. They Came in with the Fog | Two children learn how to move forward through a hidden future.

12. Things for Sale | A few odd items become the instruments of doom.

13. Night Merriam | A baby crying in a cemetery gives life to the dead.

14. Dolls of Lindenberg | A fishing boat captain's discovery is not what it seems.

15. Ode by Midnight | Midnight watches a widow.

16. The Manor on Sutton Ridge | Witches are drawn to a quiet manor and its diligent builder.

17. Return to the Manor on Sutton Ridge | A dead uncle seeks four orphans for an inheritance.

About the author

JoAnna Rowe grew up afraid of everything. She slept with the lights on, ran past dark windows and washed her face with her eyes open. Her loving grandma, who knew about these fears, gave her the guestroom filled with vintage dolls to sleep in when she visited. They were like the dolls from horror films with cracked porcelain skin, eyes that followed you when you moved, and pink-painted lips pursed with the silent threat of death. Grandma loved these dolls and found pleasure in displaying them in the guestroom to watch her grandchild sleep. After a life of ridiculous but very real fears influenced by Killer Doll Slumber Parties and Twilight Zone marathons, JoAnna decided to be an adult and face her fears head on with a pen and paper. The Phantom Library is her debut novel—a collection of stories to creep out kids in honor of her grandma. Find out more about the author at www.joannarowe.com.

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