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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:581
  • eBook ISBN:9780988427082

The Majestic of Purple Mountain

Letters from the Greenskeeper

by Arlington Alan

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The MAJESTIC OF PURPLE MOUNTAIN: Letters from the Greenskeeper is a story of hope and healing, love and loss, war and peace; life and death; faith and Heaven. It is a story of how a King uses majestic plans, places, people and mysteries to accomplish His purposes. This book asks one main question: Do we still have faith in America? Come along with Anson, as he reveals the mysteries of the Majestic through the journey of a lifetime.
“Faith the size of a mustard seed could keep a mountain from being moved” believed Anson. The question was ... did others believe it? It was the spring of 2012. In Worthington, a small town located in the mountains of southwest Virginia, people were restless and unsettled due to a struggling economy and the wounding of war.  People were out of work and businesses were closing. People had lost their faith and hope was fading fast. Rumors of a significant local economic revival were whispering in the winds of this mining community.  An announcement from the Mayor and local community leaders was expected to occur after the welcome home parade for Iraq and Afghanistan war soldiers. On Purple Mountain, it was believed by some that this was to be the last season for the city owned golf course, the Majestic. It was soon to be destroyed along with the peaks of Purple Mountain. Not if Anson and the Minutemen had anything to say about it! Unlike the townspeople, they still had faith. They know of its secrets, mysteries and majestic purposes. They remember what many in town have forgotten…  The letters from the Greenskeeper are real.    Over the years, there were rumors about the mysterious letters of the Greenskeeper. Many believed he wrote them to grieving families of killed in action soldiers. Some believed he was well intentioned, others believed that he was honorable and many believed he was insane. What no one expected was that they were soon to discover the truth about the Greenskeeper of the Majestic of Purple Mountain…  Another parade was set for this small town…  The Greenskeeper’s parade of Letters…
About the author
Arlington Alan is an American author and humorist. His unique style was forged in the cauldron of adversity and flows from him like a majestic river. He was raised in a mid-western steel town and lived for a time in the mid-south. Having lived most of his life within a stones throw of the mighty Mississippi River, his stories are decidedly adventurous and unashamedly American. His stories of mystery and intrigue are brought to life through the thoughts and actions of larger than life characters. These characters, and their settings, seem to jump off of the pages and come to life in the mind of the reader. Neither is he afraid to challenge the reader nor does he fail to reward those that choose to ponder his prose. Arlington Alan is an American storyteller.