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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Satire
  • Language:Persian
  • Pages:266
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350912449

The Jurassic Scent

The Lust for Revenge in the Hallucinations of Ashoura Devotee

by Saeed Mirmotahari

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"The Jurassic Scent" is a compelling collection of interviews with Ashoura Legends, providing a fascinating, humorous, and unexpected take on Persian history through the eyes of author Saeed Mirmotahari.
"The Jurassic Scent" presents an intriguing collection of interviews with the revered Ashoura Legends. Crafted by the unique mind of Saeed Mirmotahari, this book takes readers on an unconventional journey through Persian history. Despite a deep immersion in religious texts, Saeed's true passion was ignited by philosophy, leading to a radical shift in his life path. Each interview sheds light on a different facet of Ashoura history, a chapter of Persian heritage that is often shrouded in mystery. Saeed's knack for humor and a penchant for questioning the status quo bring an entirely fresh perspective to these historical narratives. The result is an absorbing blend of history, philosophy, and riveting storytelling that challenges preconceived notions and offers unexpected insights into these ancient legends. In "The Jurassic Scent," prepare to join Saeed on his academic escapade, leaving the conservative confines of his theological education behind for the vibrant, often murky world of philosophical exploration. With his humorous and unorthodox approach, Saeed invites you to view history through a new lens, proving that history isn't just about the past - it's about how we choose to interpret and understand it.
About the author
From a whirlwind life full of unexpected turns to an enduring fascination with philosophy, Saeed Mirmotahari has carved a niche for himself as an unconventional thinker and writer. Born into a religious family, Saeed soon found his calling not in the dusty tomes of theology but in the vast, vibrant field of philosophy. He read voraciously, leaving behind the traditional religious path his family envisaged for him. During his academic journey, Saeed developed an interest in researching organized crime, specifically the Mafia in Italy. An interest sparked during a unique historical moment - the outbreak of a plague coinciding with the presence of Muslims in southern Europe. These experiences, along with a penchant for offbeat research titles, paved the way for his distinctive literary style. Recently, Saeed has turned his focus towards rewriting the history of Ashoura, armed with new insights and interpretations. His work is a testament to his ability to challenge established narratives and offer fresh perspectives. Saeed Mirmotahari is a testament to the power of defying expectations and forging your own unique path, even when it leads to the most unexpected places.