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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098385613

The Hoax...

Inspired By Real Events

by Walker O'Brien

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A psychiatrist's wife is gunned down by her husbands crazed patient outside a fine restaurant. In his effort to debunk the delusions that drove his patient's violent act, Dr. David Lake encounters, and reveal more than meets the eye. Alien abductions, serial hit-and-run murders, missing persons and horrors committed by unknown creatures, bring this story into focus, but it is the twisted ending that you won't see coming that will surprise you. Inspired by the real events of the 'Phoenix Lights', this story will have you wondering about what might happen when you go to bed tonight.
Following the murder of his wife Helen, by an alleged alien abductee, David Lake sets forth to write a book designed to debunk the 'myth' of alien abduction. Years into the process and using a therapy group of 'alien abductees' as his information source, things start to get complicated. A new and mysterious woman joins the group, David's new girlfriend a police detective become increasingly curious about his research and then, 'accidents' begin to befall the group members. As events unwind and the mystery grows more intense, suspicions are cast about and trust begins to wane. Then, as the solution to the 'alien mystery' is revealed, and things begin to return to normal, an even more sinister speculation is revealed.
About the author
Walker O'Brien is a novelist and screenwriter. He is a trained scientist and educator and is now a businessman and film producer. He is currently president of Stoney Creek Productions, a motion picture production company. He is he author of seventeen screenplays, including two films in development and the hit independent film "The Hoax..." available now on Amazon Prime Video. This book joins the list of ten novels, so far.

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The Hoax I lived in Phoenix when the Phoenix lights phenomenon took place. This book captures at least one of the explanations that surrounded that day. It really brings out the 'who can we trust?' environment that we are now living in. The book just gets more intense the further into it you go. Are we alone? Well... that's one of the questions you are left to ponder. Read more
What Did Happen? The Hoax is a mystery and speculative fiction book, which provides rich character development. The interplay of characters and their relationship to the whole is nicely revealed as the story unfolds - the pace and intensity of the story also increase as one proceeds further into the book. The reader is left with answers, yes, but also with questions of our place in the universe. Read more
The Hoax The Hoax is a really entertaining book! Mysteries abound throughout the whole story. I couldn't wait to turn the page to the next chapter. Aliens, abducted people, murders, twists and turns - loved it! Peggy Read more
Great story about Phoenix Lights Cool story that plays into the Phoenix Lights phenomenon. Great concept and nice ending. Read more
Stimulating! I saw the movie before reading the book and found both interesting. I was in Phoenix at the time everyone saw the Phoenix lights and just know in my heart that there are other beings out there. This book provides a look into the lives of some that were "visited" later and how they reacted. A must read! Read more
Loved the book, fun to read and highly recommend! Really enjoyed the story and was so much fun to read. Read more