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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Pages:346
  • eBook ISBN:9781543961973
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543961966

The Girl in Hemingway's Studio

A Novel

by Carolyn Grady

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A family drama involving a successful father, his demanding, wealthy, and self absorbed second wife, and his two daughters. Alexis, his youngest daughter, who is a successful professor and Arthur's pride and joy, is writing her first novel while Charlotte, who has always been preoccupied with her own interests is causing chaos after a failed marriage. After Alexis wins a Florida contest that allows her to complete her novel in the Ernest Hemingway house, her father asks her to allow her sister to accompany her to Key West. This decision results in unexpected and terrifying events.

After winning the Florida Keys Flash Fiction Contest, Alexis Strong Caldwell is heading to Key West to finish her manuscript in Ernest Hemingway's studio. Alexis is hoping she will find a creative vibe in the room where Hemingway produced some of his most famous work during the 1930s. Her father, Arthur, persuaded Alexis to allow her sister to accompany her to Florida, confident the experience will help the siblings resolve their differences. Instead her sister, Charlotte, entangles Alexis in adventures that disconnect rather than unify their fragile relationship. Meanwhile, Alexis's husband, Marcus and his brother discover their recently inherited mine is located in an area that is rich in rare-earth elements desperately needed in the manufacturing of high-tech products. Unable to finance the mining project themselves, the brothers are ill prepared when they become involved in the world of smooth-talking investors and a criminal element that threatens their marriages, their mother's security, and even their lives. The story line of The Girl in Hemingway's Studio weaves real life events, prominent people, and special places with the book's characters in a story of suspense, romance, and family loyalty. The reader will discover how a famous woman influences Arthur when he is a young man, the secret that Charlotte's latest love has carefully concealed until he explodes with violence, and how the lack of honesty and undisclosed information bring upheaval to the marriage of Alexis and Marcus. Incredibly, when Hurricane Irma threatens the existence of Key West, Alexis' friend, a Bohemian artist, reluctantly joins a group of volunteers to try and save the Hemingway House from destruction.
About the author

CAROLYN GRADY Lives in a suburb of Phoenix with her husband. Her grown children, their spouses, and her two granddaughters live nearby. Carolyn spent most of her career in the field of education working for a large Phoenix public school district.

I'm very pleased to announce that the August 2019 issue of our online book review magazine "Reviewer's Bookwatch" features a review of "The Girl in Hemingway's Studio".

> Here is the review:

> Reviewer's Bookwatch: August 2019
> James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
> Midwest Book Review
> 278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

> K.C. Finn's Bookshelf
> The Girl in Hemingway's Studio
> Carolyn Grady
> BookBaby

> The Girl in Hemingway's Studio is a work of dramatic fiction penned by author Carolyn Grady. Our central heroine and the title character is Dr Alexis Strong Caldwell, an English professor and aspiring writer who is seeking more creativity in her life after winning a writing contest. She travels to the studio where Ernest Hemingway worked on some of his most famous writings of the '30s, reluctantly agreeing to take her sister Charlotte along for the ride. As the sisters attempt to bond, new adventures spring from the Key West locale, and other developments in the family Alexis has left behind begin to stir up trouble too.

> This is a family drama in every sense of the word, and readers looking for an immersive experience where every family member has their own intriguing story will be very satisfied with the plot development work of Carolyn Grady. Plenty of backstory fills us in on Alexis's relationship with her parents and sister, whilst Alexis's husband Marcus has his own plot line as he inherits a mine that he doesn't really know how to operate. The everyday struggles of the family are heightened by the new locations they are thrown into, with the development of the two sisters's relationship right at the center. In finding her new creative spirit, Alexis learns a lot more about life and the inspirations that come from it, and readers will find her a very endearing heroine the more she opens up. Overall, The Girl in Hemingway's Studio is sure to please women's fiction and family drama fans everywhere.

> K.C. Finn, Reviewer
> Reviewed for Readers' Favorite

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