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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Studies / Prophecy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:800
  • eBook ISBN:9781543924282
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781543924275

The "Final Truth" of The Book of Revelation

Part One: A Dramatic History...The Birth of the Beast Part Two: The Trial of Contemporary "End-Times" Doctrine

by James Michael Golding

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The unique clarity and detailed content of this work of Truth, is not the product of "speculation," nor "opinion," nor "wishful thinking," nor "dramatics" imposed for the purpose of entertainment…Nor is it a compilation of words, merely to fill the pages of a book…But, this God-driven work of "Truth," is the result of many months of intense, personal communication with the Lord of Creation, the Holy Spirit, as the Lord purposefully and relentlessly guided, snatched, pulled and grabbed, a "child of God" who would "rest" on nothing less than the absolute Truth of God's Word. This "child of God" has now been allowed to "rest," as God's intended understanding, of that which is referred to Biblically as the "end of the days," and the Lord's true "purpose" for The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and all associated scripture, has been accomplished…Such words will "heap coals of fire onto the heads" of those who consider themselves "wise" in their own minds…Those who, for decades, have "confused" the masses, with remarkably empty wisdom, on God's intended understanding of His Biblical "end of the days," the "latter days," the "last time," the "last hour."

Christian Theologians, Evangelists, End-Times "experts," after decades of quoting scriptures; are they equally "deceived," or merely "indifferent" to Truth?...Any answer to such a question, would be worthy of much concern…The "religious scholars" of Jesus' time knew full well, that to answer such a question truthfully, would have been a severe detriment to their purpose, and an unacceptable risk to their "dominance" over the lives of the Jewish people…so they remained "defiant" to their end.

The profound "purpose" of this two-part work of God's Truth, is to "free" us from dependence, on the false doctrine of man: to dramatically unveil, in deep detail, God's intended understanding and purpose of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and all associated Biblical scripture…The Lord's Word will be clearly understood, as the words were intended, as to those for whom the words were originally designed and purposed, words and visions composed by Jesus Christ, and recorded by John the Apostle, and the Prophet Daniel.

The use of "symbolism" and metaphorical language in the design and presentation of The Book of Revelation, was done so for very specific and very necessary reasons…None of which were to serve as dramatic "embellishment" for contemporary movies and books…But all of which reflect the brilliance, wisdom, and profound purpose of the composer, the Lord of all Creation, Jesus Christ.

For those who desire Truth, it is certain that such "desire" is much more valuable than "ability"…Desire, creates "passion"…"Passion," God can use, because He has all the "ability," and He will gladly "enable" us, to His glory. The contemporary "End-Times" entrepreneurs, have "twisted" scriptures in the Book of Daniel, and made an absolute "mess" of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and all associated scriptures which refer to God's "end of the days"…God's "Truth" has gotten "lost," in the midst of man's "exploitation" of the Word.

The disparity of truth which exists between God's Word and "man's" End-Times doctrine of deception, will astonish those having a "desire" to understand as Jesus Christ intended in His Revelation…The God of Creation purposed that many things had to "end"…Many things had to "die," in order that many things "New" could take their place…By the will and purpose of the Lord, and the direction of the Holy Spirit, this work of "Truth" will clarify that process.

About the author

James Michael Golding has a loving wife, two grown step-children, and four grandsons...But, above all else, he is a relentless defender of the Truth of God's word, and a "thorn in the side," of those whose purpose it would be to corrupt, abuse, and manipulate, the only real Truth that exists in this world.

After completing a BS degree in Architectural Engineering, James Michael Golding has worked at Naval facilities all over the coastal United States and Hawaii. But, for the past decade, the object of his passion has been to know and relate to others, in the manner in which God intended, the Truth of the Biblical "end of the days" prophecy in The Book of Revelation, and the prophetic Book of Daniel, and all other related Bible prophecy, which have been grossly misused and abused by the "End-Times" entrepreneurs and script-writers. 

As the author began to have deep questions and doubts about the validity of "End-Times" doctrine put forth by contemporary Theologians, the glaring absence of Biblical support for such doctrine, began to deeply trouble him. But a detailed, personal, biographical offering would hardly be necessary, for such would surely mirror the story of most everyone who will read this work of Truth, everyone who would be pleasantly obsessed with God's Word, and the the manner in which it was meant to be understood by the "Author" of it all. James Michael Golding has surely recognized this work as the "mission" of his lifetime...God's Truth...Know its value, the freedom and peace which lies therein.

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