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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Short Stories
  • Language:English
  • Pages:190
  • eBook ISBN:9798350916553
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350916546

The Fairy Ring

and Other Stories

by Richard Rouse

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This volume is joyful, authentic, artistry and seasoned insight from a gentle Renaissance man. Author Richard Rouse has survived and thrived over nine decades with his clear-eyed optimism and generosity of spirit. Some memoir, some fiction—all infused with Obi-wan-Kenobi wisdom, Zane Grey romantic justice, and Dave Berry humor. Enjoy and grow with each short story. The Fairy Ring is the second volume of short stories by Rouse, following up on his popular first collection, The Welcome Home Door.
The Fairy Ring is a lovely story, somewhat reminiscent of The Princess Bride, particularly with Cait's feelings about mushy love stories.The interplay between Grandpa, Cait, and Chelsea is both fun and realistic, and many families are likely to see themselves in the interactions. This is a fun story, with most of the elements of a classic fairy tale, told with a few modern twists. Look forward to Grandpa's surprising secret at the end. The Visitor presents a new twist on the traditional love story by transporting readers to a time in the distant future where aliens on other planets can travel to Earth. The author infuses the story with rich imagery that draws the reader into this fascinating world. Can one find love at the age of 93? Of course, and love can appear in many shapes and forms—including a beautiful being from another planet. This intergalactic love story will keep you turning page after page to discover where these new experiences will take William next. If you, as the reader, need to pause and take a break—good luck, because this story is that engrossing.. The author has written a wonderful tale with The Visitor, and no doubt it will be enjoyed by many… read it from beginning to end in one sitting.  Angelica Lee in the Glory Loop tells the love story of Mark and Angelica. They meet and fall in love when they are in high school, and have one memorable and loving summer together before their senior year. However, this love story takes an unlikely twist. Angelica is lost when swimming in a river, presumed to have drowned. …well-developed characters and their interactions. Their love for each other is apparent to the readers. Settings are beautifully described, such that the readers feel as if they are at the riverbank with the pair. The angst surrounding Angelica's disappearance and the subsequent search for her ten years later is also well-written, and grasps the reader's interest and attention.… a well-written, smart, and captivating story that grabs the reader from the first page. Enjoy the budding romance, and then follow along anxiously as Mark searches for Angelica ten years later. Their story is appealing to readers of all ages. The Curse of the Pewter Candlesticks is a short piece of (presumably) fiction regarding a pair of candlesticks, each bequeathed to one of two sisters, and the curse their grandfather placed upon them should they fail to come together once a year. The Reluctant Gunfighter and the Hellfire Woman is a short story of the western genre, following the later years of a quick-draw gunslinger as he attempts to retire with the woman he loves. What a fun story! This really was a fun read, leaving the reader wishing there was more to the story. The dialect impresses upon the reader the when and where the story is set, bypassing the need to get into lengthy descriptions. The character growth is subtle but wonderful and the ending inspired happy-crying.  When the May Flowers Bloomed is a brief memory of the author's tradition of celebrating May Day with his family, schoolmates, and friends, both young and old. The author does a good job of bringing the story to life, sharing the story of making his various friends around town smile with his gifts of flowers—and candy for the right person. The brief glimpse into how some of the grownups earned his affection provides further reminders of a time that lives only in the stories and memories of the people who lived it. This piece provides insight into a way of life that is gone, and may provide precious memories for descendants of those who grew up in this town or this time period. Just a Little Trip Downtown, a funny story about a man's English sports car, is a well-told, light story that exposes the author's blind spot about his MG. The story is both self-deprecating and matter-of-fact. The author clearly has a sense of humor about the situation with his car, and does not take himself too seriously when his dignity gets a bit bruised. The aut
About the author
Born in Syracuse, NY, Richard Rouse spent early years with his siblings playing in the cabbage barns and truck farm fields of peas and potatoes near Preble, New York.  His father joined the work of rebuilding a nation after the Great Depression finally settling the family in far northern NY. 

Always engrossed in a project to build or study, while still in high school young Rouse built a boat, a garden for the family, telescopes, radios, model airplanes, sculpted with iron and wood, and flew light aircraft at the local airport. He later built an astronomy observatory attached to his house.

He became a journeyman carpenter working summers and after school with his father's growing construction business. Following his father into the field of industrial construction and structural steel fabrication, Rouse successfully rose through the ranks and led the company for a number of years to record achievements.

After adventures exploring the west, rockhounding, living on the sea, and in New Orleans, he dreamed of settling in a location where he could renew his childhood interests in honey bees, natural food systems, and self-sufficiency. 

A child of the Depression, he found entertainment in the natural world, inspiration from overcoming hardship, and humor from the human condition. Tales of home, adventure and delight began to form into creative writing in his seventh decade. As a lifelong avid reader, lover of Gilbert and Sullivan music, and keen observer of people, at the age of 88, these tales coalesced to his first volume in print, The Welcome Home Door and Other Stories. His much anticipated second volume of short stories is The Fairy Ring and Other Stories arrives in 2023,

His travels eventually led him to settle in rural Southern Appalachia where he resides with his wife, writing, gardening, and growing woodland mushrooms and tinkering with renewable energy systems.