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Book details
  • SubGenre:Mental Health
  • Language:English
  • Pages:199
  • Duration:5 Hours 18 Minutes
  • eBook ISBN:9781925833942
  • Audiobook ISBN:9781667887142

The Enchanted Time Traveller

A Book of Self-Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind

by Mal Mohanlal

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This book contains the secrets of the mind. You have to use your powers of perception, insight and awareness to discover them. Be a true scientist, not a pseudo-scientist. Although the body and mind are two separate systems, the power they have to impact the wellbeing of one another is increasingly astonishing. Have you ever considered that your several failed attempts to quit smoking may likely be due to your state of mind? Or that your inability to sleep can be solved through verbal exercises? Would you believe that your entire quality of life can be revitalized by redirecting your thought patterns? Now you will. The chapters of this book travel through many of the chief physical and mental aspects of life such as habits, stress and insomnia, and delve into the underlying causes of our happiness and misery. The Enchanted Time Traveller reveals and evaluates the ways in which we consciously and unconsciously affect our wellbeing and selfworth, and empowers readers with the awareness and understanding required to change their current state of mind, and ultimately their life. Dr. Mohanlal writes in a way that a wide variety of readers can clearly understand and relate to. He does not elevate above his audience and delivers only reliable and useful information, making it clear thast this book is not just another self-indulgent attempt to affirm and feed an author's egfo, but that it is a perspective and dynamic bvook that comes from a place of compassion and a desire to serve others. Through this book, Dr. Mohanlal provides an opportunity to improve the quality of life for all readers, by paving the way to a state of happiness, security and self-content.
The world, the human body, and the mind have one thing in common. They are made up of different components that make them whole, but they are multifaceted and quite mysterious. In this book, The Enchanted Time Traveller by Dr. Mal Mohanlal, particularly concerned with self-discovery and the control of the subconscious, shares some of the secrets he has discovered about the world and his hacks for the human mind or subconscious. This book opens with an explanation of how the mind operates. It is set up with an emphasis on the ego, which influences an ample amount of the mind's activities. Via this explanation, we discover the relationship between the mind and the body, the way they complement and influence one another, both positively and negatively. The book's chapters cover a wide range of challenges people face in their daily lives, both psychologically and physically, such as anxiety, insomnia, obesity, heartbreak, fear, sadness, love, and much more. It also provides answers to inquiries regarding the mind, advice on dealing with the subconscious and ego, and answers to concerns that these issues may have prompted. The author writes with skill and confidence, backed up with intelligence that has stood the test of time. This is evident in how he introduces new angles and paradigms concerning human issues and matters of the mind. For example, he discussed the timeless zone, which is free of the constraints that the timed space we are in possesses. This is an idea that is new to a number, if not a lot, of people. Many might have experienced that little slice of time where they have moved into another state of being but cannot perfectly describe this scenario just as this author has done. This book buttresses the saying that "learning is a never-ending process" because it contains fresh perspectives and ways to address the issues plaguing life's physical and mental aspects. The power of words has long been recognized, but its interaction with the mind and ego has not been explored as it is in this book. Another highlight is that it provides solutions to dealing with insomnia, grief, heartbreak, and fear. It is one thing to highlight issues that people face or struggle with, but it is quite another to provide a way out. However, there was a lot of tautology in this book, disguised under the umbrella of emphasis. Some examples were cited more than three times in the book, like the example of the smoker who believes he is unable to quit. There was also some incoherence in some of the layouts of the content in some of the chapters. In some places, the beginning of the chapter would resonate with the heading; then, it branches into something else that is only remotely related, which is quite confusing. Therefore, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to an audience interested in the solutions to humans' physical and mental issues, the workings of the human subconscious, and self-discovery or awareness. The Enchanted Time Traveller takes one on a journey that is educative, informative, and enlightening. ****** The Enchanted Time Traveller
About the author
Mal Mohanlal is a family physician who graduated in medicine from the University of Queensland in 1966. He is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist with special interest in Medical Acupuncture and Spinal Manipulation. After over 50 years in Medical Practice, he retired in 2021. He has always been interested in the human mind and how his advice to his patients could help them with their mental health.