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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Spiritual
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350936636

The Bubble Rule to Spiritual Vision

A Prescription for Peace

by Clement Binnings Jr. M.D.

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"The Bubble Rule to Spiritual Vision" focuses entirely on the primary obstacle to knowing who and what we are and why we are here. Simply stated, we believe and therefore think and act from the limited perception that we are mere people.
This book is written by a fellow Truth seeker who laments the suffering caused by our stubborn spiritual ignorance. Its premise – we've lost touch with our souls. Its focus – what it takes to develop soul awareness and why this is important. It's a call to us to wise up and create peace instead of calamity. The human body is an energetic vehicle for the expression of consciousness. It requires an identity which we create – an ego with a name. Because the ego focuses primarily on making sense of the outer world with which it must relate, it acquires the misperception that it is a standalone, mortal being. It confines its consciousness within a bubble of "me-ness". This makes it hard for us to sense the invisible web our consciousness shares with the whole of Life. Without this awareness, we don't fully know our purpose in Life and our sacred duty to it. Instead, the ego acts for itself, contributing to the perpetual "me vs them" human struggle. Suffering is inevitable. Spiritual practices such as meditation redirect one's attention inward. Within the inner domain of pure awareness, there is nothing to make sense of and everything to be. By repeatedly spending time in the infinite web, we gradually intuit our highest nature. We come to experience ourselves as soul-rays of the infinite light of Spirit. This is esoteric stuff. To make sense of it, the author uses relatable stories. Through these, he expresses his peace-robbing concerns to Spirit and shares her uncompromising responses. This juxtaposition of human vs spiritual perspectives highlights the liberating benefits of choosing the latter. The stark contrast offers us a clear choice. The book concludes with a twelve-point prescription for achieving the highest of life's goals, that which our world's spiritual Masters have done. If we pursue the Truth of our being with all our heart, we will be led to the specific path for God realization that best suits our inclinations. Our ultimate success occurs when we finally establish ourselves in the immortal consciousness of Peace.
About the author

Clement Binnings authors metaphysical, visionary, and spiritual fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. His published works include the two novels of The Grover Series, award winning "Angel Through the Storms" and its sequel, "The Bubble Rule". He is a retired family physician, lifelong metaphysician and a Kriyaban yogi on Paramahansa Yogananda's spiritual path to Self-realization. The seed for his latest work, "The Bubble Rule to Spiritual Vision: A Prescription for Peace", was planted while he was in the throes of depression at age twenty-two, feeling utterly isolated in a bubble created by his existential view that life was meaningless in an indifferent universe. In a desperate moment, facing the stars on a moonless night, his heart demanded an answer from the infinite black to his most crucial question, "Who am I and why am I here in this world gone mad?" The answer was immediate, delivered through a dramatic epiphany of what he calls "the bubble rule". Decades of meditation and contemplative journaling led to the writing of this "Prescription for Peace" for those open to its healing message. For more, visit clementbinnings.com. 

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