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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:376
  • eBook ISBN:9781483567099

The Accidental Ambassador

(Or Plan B)

by D A Barr

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From the back cover: "The scout had performed this task many times, and it was good at its job. The original plan was simple. It was carried out after several years of studying the subject and careful consideration of the variables involved. It failed. Plan B was made on the fly . . ." The scout was not expected; it's colleagues had not informed the subject, Douglas, of the scout's arrival. In fact, the colleagues had vanished. Cold calls like this seldom went well, but the circumstances required that the attempt be made. Douglas introduces someone to the scout; someone unexpected. Just to make this mission more complicated, someone else on Earth wants the scout dead.

This is sci-fi, space opera. A story of life on present day Earth, as an alien with an ancient, ugly reputation. Soon known to humans as Blue, this ttraco must learn to adapt quickly, as a routine pick up and escort job quickly turns sour. The ttraco meets Douglas and Joy; two young friends, from infancy, who thought they knew each other well. Their education on the greater world that surrounds their backwater planet, and of each one's own potential, has just begun. As the situation grows more dire for Blue, it chances upon another human; this one has much to teach the ttraco, about the hidden strengths of the human condition. Never again will Blue underestimate their intelligence, or their capacity to adapt. Through equal parts of guile and luck, Blue reluctantly takes on the role of Ambassador to Earth, and finds itself embroiled in local planetary politics. As the only other known alien on the planet, the ttraco becomes the guardian of another, also discovered recently. The longer that this ttraco stays on this planet, the more dangerous Earth becomes for all. Unfortunately for Blue, there is no one else on this planet who can stop the chaos that has already been set in motion, by another.

About the author
Born in the southwestern United States and raised in Arizona, the author has lived and traveled throughout much of the US and other parts of North America. As a youth, the author was an avid reader; sometimes reading an entire novel in an evening. He earned good grades in English, but had no love for writing. Though an honor student throughout much of his schooling, he dropped out of high school. Over the next many years, he spent time in the US military, fought wild-land fires while working for the US Forest Service, drove trucks, worked in construction, worked as a farm hand, and some other jobs as well. Much later in life, the author went back to obtain a college education. Though he and his family recognized early on that there was something odd about his personality and behaviors, Tourette's-like symptoms, the author was diagnosed with autism (Asperger's) much later in life. This knowledge has helped the author to understand himself better. Further education and training has allowed him to better understand others, as well. David advises parents to get answers concerning their children's behavior sooner than later. The author currently resides near Puget Sound, south of Seattle, Washington.