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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:436
  • Duration:12 Hours 28 Minutes
  • Paperback ISBN:9798890344298
  • Audiobook ISBN:9798350943061

That's What My Mother Said!

by Wallace L. Watson

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The book was inspired by the Author's mother, hence the title "That's What My Mother Said!" It consists of old-timey Antidotal stories and sayings as spoken by are ancestors and passed down in the household's from one generational African American mother to another. Their strange words often had hidden meanings embedded within their messages that where full of inspirational guidance and wisdom which was design to help our culture navigate through life's difficult challenges which can be utilized by anyone. These are our stories as relaid to you by the author which is this little known form of traditional oral storytelling that makes for "That's What My Mother Said!."


Although the book speaks to a lot of to the Black experience in African-American households, this is not just a book written for black people, but it’s a book for all people. We all have mothers and no matter what culture they came from they also had a story to tell. So, we are all alike in that respect and to my friends of other cultural persuasions don't worry and feel left out because these lessons are stories that will apply and relate to you as well. We can learn from each other’s stories no matter where it originates. Although this book is specifically directed to the mothers, sisters, and daughters, men can also grasp the concepts and its meanings. They really can relate and apply to everyone, no matter what the gender, race, culture or creed.  


It serves to cross all generational and cultural boundaries. Everyone can take away a little something from reading this book I invite you delve into this book and find out for yourself just what my mother and all of those who came before her had to say. 

About the author

This is Wallace's first book, "That's What My Mother Said!" which will surely become a best-seller, he hails from Miami Florida but has his roots are steeped in the old timey ways which came from his mother who had her roots deep in the heart of Georgia her stories which is the driving force that propelled him to try his hand at writing this book. He has a unique and clever way of storytelling which has it's inspiration coming from a long line of storytellers, and has a way of drawing the reader into the book themselves, it will take them on a journey full of life's lessons and wisdom that speaks to our thoughts and struggles which black people experience on a daily basis. These teachings passed down through the ages is meant for those who want to gather a more clear insight by its many messages and will leave you with a better understanding of that which is the African-American experience in this country. It is in fact a little-known way of telling our experiences that is a rare and positive look at our people and will help to break down some of the often misunderstood ways of our culture by showing the uniqueness of our oral sayings and stories which is a true dying art form and if not continued will be surely regulated to the past.