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Book details
  • Genre:ART
  • SubGenre:African
  • Language:English
  • Pages:24
  • eBook ISBN:9781483559926


Power from the Gods

by Joshua Okoromodeke

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Tharos is an action adventure comic book, which also showcases the rich cultural heritage of the African continent. It's stories are designed to capture the heart of all races since it's mission is to bridge the gap between races and to further strengthen our bounds.
Tharos is a cosmic and ancient African deity, a gate keeper between the celestial realm and earth, given the responsibility to keep the Orishas “Dark evil demigods” from entering the earth to prevent them from causing chaos and enslaving the entire human race to their evil will. But every 100 years, the cosmic powers preventing these dark forces from entering the earth grows weak as Tharos requires a human host to be personified so as to be able to carry out this sacred mission from the earth. Each 100 years, a rift is torn in the cosmic barrier and most Orishas penetrates the earth while a new host is been chosen by an oracle of the gods and the gods choose Stewart, a white teenage kid from the United States of America, who came to Africa with his father on a tourist trip. Of course there are other dark forces who want the power of Tharos for their selfish means but were not happy with the decision made by the gods and so throughout the comic issues, Stewart had to find a way to drive back the Orishas that have already penetrated the earth while fending off other dark forces at war with him because of the power of Tharos, and at the same time trying to balance his life and protecting the lives of those close to him.
About the author
My name is Joshua Okoromodeke and I was born on the 27th of November 1977, a Nigerian by birth. I am a talented cartoonist and comic artist, a story write and I have been in the act of writing and making comics from my teenage days, right from Secondary School with the hope of making a full time career in the production and publishing of African comics to the world in the near future. I studied business relations in the University of Nigeria but my gift and passion has always been in the arts and with it, I have worked with numerous organizations in Nigeria, such as the French Cultural Centre for arts as an art cover designer, I have worked with the French School as an art instructor, and I have worked with the Jean Pigozzi African Contemporary Art Museum in Switzerland as an African artist. My concept of comic and cartoons are African based and are multi cultured which is a deliberate attempt on my part to showcase the vast and rich cultures of Africa through comic book and cartoon mediums with the aim of competing with other existing comic book publishing companies in the world and to create awareness of the existence of African comic books and create an interest in comic book dealers overseas. My work was inspired by the works, ideas and creations of many existing comic book artists I have come across over the years, artist like John Byrne, Jim Lee, Chravis Charest, Scott Williams and a host of others, of which I am a big fan of and whose works also ignited the desire and passion in me to become a great artist in time to come.
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