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  • SubGenre:Healing / Prayer & Spiritual
  • Language:English
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:134
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543979862

Surviving Earth School II

Mastering Your Life - The Ultimate Journey

by Joanne Koenig-Macko

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After several near-death experiences, Joanne Koenig-Macko sees life through a new, heightened awareness. She was given an eye-opening tutorial by who she perceived as her "Council." Joanne was shown what would happen if she chose the path to help others become awakened. In this second book of a trilogy, you will delve deeper into your existence. Learn about the sacred laws of the Universe, powerful affirmations, continued lessons to live by and sound frequencies to raise your vibrations. It's time for you to thrive, not merely survive! You're here for a Divine Purpose! See why you may be calling the same situations to you regularly. We are going through the Grand Shift now and many things have changed in the last twenty years. The veils are indeed getting thinner and what better time than now to step up to the plate so that you can work from your gifts instead of your traps? This is a must read if you are ready to live your life on purpose!
In this eye-opening book of life, Joanne Koenig-Macko gives you a new lens to look at life through. Joanne is an internationally renowned visionary artist, teacher, energy facilitator and life coach. She thrives on helping humanity move forward in their gifts and helps remind everyone that they come here with a veil over their head with trillions of beliefs that may be keeping them back in life. Joanne has worked on over 6,000 clients and her energetic personality jump starts those who feel they are stuck in life. She was shown by who she perceived as her "Council" that it is no longer about what's in it for "me", rather how we can now help humanity move forward in these changing times that her guides refer to as "the Grand Shift." All one has to do is see how many things have shifted in the last 20 years. Religions, Government and world leaders are all going through major changes now. Integrity is key now if you are going to move forward. Those not working in integrity simply cannot operate in the new vibrations we are creating now. We can truly create Heaven on Earth when enough high-vibrational masters work in unity to help awaken this precious planet. Joanne has been blessed to have met many world leaders, dignitaries and visionaries. She has studied with masters from around the world and has learned countless modalities to clear old traumas and old beliefs that no longer serve you. Her passion is to speak to large audiences globally so that she can teach from the heart in a way that tugs at your heart strings. Her first book, "Surviving Earth School, How to Live Life Lessons with Joy, Ease and Humor," covered her near-death experiences, angel visits and countless lessons she learned from a higher dimension. Her second book, "Surviving Earth School II, Mastering Your Life: The Ultimate Journey" takes you to the next level by delving into sound healing, powerful affirmations, more life-altering lessons and covers the sacred laws of the Universe. Joanne's high-vibrational visionary art has been presented at the United Nations and collected by countless collectors world wide. She has been creating and producing annual conferences for twenty-one years now in the suburbs of Chicago and is the producer of the annual Lightworkers Conference for the last sixteen years. Joanne was the first recipient in the world for the "Wheel of Co-Creation in the Arts Sector." This prestigious award was presented to her by best-selling author and philanthropist, the late Barbara Marx Hubbard at an inaugural event held in Chicago for Joanne's contributions to help humanity through the arts. Joanne also served as Director of International Angels for World Peace, a division under the World Citizen Diplomats.
About the author
Joanne Koenig-Macko is an internationally renowned visionary artist, teacher, energy facilitator trained in countless modalities, motivational speaker and has coached over 6,000 clients globally. Her passion is to awaken YOU to your magnificence during this crazy shift of energy that is happening worldwide. Her passion is to help you awaken to your amazing giftedness which came about through several near-death experiences. Inside Book II are golden nuggets of information on how to move your life forward, positive and powerful affirmations, laws of the Universe, healing by raising your frequencies. Joanne covers sound frequency vibrations and much more in this light-hearted book to get you through most life lessons with joy, ease and humor! Life' too short! What are you waiting for? This book, Surviving Earth School, Mastering Your Life is the second book of a trilogy.

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