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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:232
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543942989

Surviving Earth School

How to Learn Life Lessons With Joy, Ease and Humor

by Joanne Koenig-Macko

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This is a memoir with a purpose. Joanne Koenig-Macko guides her readers to reflect on their life to see what beliefs they may have stored that are keeping them from moving forward in their giftedness. Her humorous little quips will leave a smile on your face or perhaps make you laugh out loud. Life is to be enjoyed and Ms. Macko has a way of bringing the best out in everyone. Joanne also teaches from what she's learned from working with over 6,000 clients and shows the reader how to take the easy road instead of the trudge uphill, carrying all the weights. Why worry about the small stuff? Life's too short, so let's have a ball while we're here so that when it's our turn to return "Home", we can slide, laughing all the way to home base.
Joanne Koenig-Macko's life changed drastically after being hit by a drunk driver doing 100 mph only weeks after her wedding. It was through that horrific experience where she lost all feeling from the waist down that she was forced to view life in a completely different way. It was through years of dealing with pain, exhaustion and holding onto anger that an etheric being taught her how this is Earth School and that we come here to either learn or teach lessons. Every situation you go through in life has a grand purpose. No job, no situation, no bad marriage is ever a waste of your time. The people who push your buttons the most are your greatest teachers. This is hard for most to wrap their brains around. When Joanne finally got it and that her accident was for the highest purpose, she started seeing life from a new lens. She became a life coach, and has counseled well over 6,000 clients to show them a better way of looking at any situation. Her art changed drastically when what she perceived as an angel appeared to her and showed her many things which all came true. Her visionary art has been presented in front of many nations at the UN and collected by countless people around the world, including ambassadors and world leaders. Her specialty is getting people to clear old beliefs stored in their sub-conscious that may be holding them back from their greatness. And now, her passion for writing with humor from many years of amazing experiences is being birthed. Joanne plans on writing many more books including children's books and feels the sky is the limit of what we can all create here in this greatest academy in the Universe, Earth School. Her memoir with a purpose is sure to enlighten millions and hopefully get the world to see life in a brand new, uplifting way, -- with joy, ease and a good laugh or two!
About the author
Joanne Koenig-Macko is an internationally renowned artist, spiritual coach, author and dynamic lecturer. This spirited, intuitive facilitator has coached over 6,000 clients globally. Her etheric, visionary art has been presented to many world leaders and ambassadors. Joanne has presented her art at the United Nations and has served as Director of International Angels for World Peace under the umbrella of the World Citizen Diplomats. She has been listed in "Who's Who" of women in business. Her passion is helping people move forward so that they operate from their giftedness instead of their traps. This inspired Joanne to produce a long-running event for 14 years, Lightworkers Conference to help raise the consciousness of humanity. Writing has always been one of her greatest loves and because of several brushes with death, Ms. Macko sees life in a profound way. With her book, "Surviving Earth School", she helps you look in the mirror and remember who you are. People are going through the Grand Shift now as everything seems to be upside down in the world so it's key now to view life experiences with joy, ease and humor, especially with a healthy dose of humor to get you through it! Joanne feels that humor and how you perceive everything is what will get you through the toughest moments of your journey here in Earth School, a place where you come to learn or teach lessons. The great part is that we all get to graduate with flying colors. You come to this amazing university to experience a myriad of events, some nice, some horrific but always, always, for your growth! Through joy, ease and humor you also change your vibration which affects certain chemicals within your body. Joanne was also the first recipient in the world to receive the "Wheel of Co-Creation in the Arts Sector" prestigious award by best-selling author and philanthropist, Barbara Marx Hubbard. Her greatest love is in creating that which can help the world. Joanne looks forward to writing many more books, including children's books as well as illustrating them.