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  • SubGenre:UFOs & Extraterrestrials
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Telelpresence Conferennces with ETs & Celestial Guides
  • Series Number:4
  • Pages:370
  • eBook ISBN:9781543986815

Star Time Convergence


by Ted Denmark and Julie Loar

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As Century 21 Pleiadian hybrid "contactees," Julie and Ted continue presenting their Telepresence Conferences in this Volume 4, investigating many controversial contemporary issues—some related to possibly familiar UFO or UAP "conspiracy theories" but many that are uniquely fascinating—with answers given by their ET friends and family ... and even more advanced Celestials (Avatars and Angels). It may be too "far out" for most readers upon first encounter, but it is hoped that at least some of the perspective will be "seeded" for future generations to realize that Earth's current condition is the culmination of a very much longer and elaborate sequence of events than has been imagined or understood. Contemporary Earth people have thusly been characterized by alternative cultural historian Graham Hancock as "amnesiacs." As presented in this ongoing *Five Star Series,* human origins (with the exception of Australian Aborigines), actually began in very ancient times on a number of exo-planets, with explorers and colonizers coming to Earth at various times predominantly from five separate locations in local galactic space: Aldebaran and the Pleiades, Sirius, Mirach in Andromeda, Arcturus and Cygnus-Lyra. This core narrative is complex, even for learned ET experts to describe, but it is a beginning, or at least a boost, for a series of alternative cultural and scientific narratives that will increasingly be seen as the prime replacement candidates for a timed-out standard science scenario that has now run aground on its own most speculative closed-system materialist-reductionist bias. J&T are ambassador/ messengers for a detailed and more plausible interpretation for an awakening to this new zeitgeist of exo-world possibilities that neither they—nor anyone (!) could have imagined, much less deduced from existing remains.
Before I began writing out the transcripts of these sessions that make up this fourth volume of the *Five Star Series*, my slightly fearful recollection was that this group might be the "weak sister" of the series since I couldn't identify very much emphasis therein on Arcturus itself, slated to be the fourth of our five star systems to be acknowledged, or any other unifying theme that would have seemed appropriate. But as I went along through the sequence of conferences, polishing out the transcripts and adding the cartoons and pictures, it became clear to me that this was going to be another really impressive set of appearances by our dear friends and family with their consultants and extraordinary Celestials, which would fully hold its place among our—still to my awareness—unique presentation of meetings with various remarkable ETs who have continued to make themselves available to us and anyone aware of our publications for teaching and discussion—for that is truly the objective of this new community who have the right inclination to notice the greatest issue of our times: the appearance and rightful role on Earth of intelligent life from outside our Solar System. And just as I finished writing this first paragraph, I happened to look up and out the window in front of me to see a raven sailing past the roof just above where I was sitting and then circle out in front of the house around a tall ponderosa, indicating to me at least that someone among Them was aware of my efforts at this moment of reckoning these circumstances—as is probably often the case (!). As always, I am grateful to whomever it may anonymously be, for their clever interlude as they find the right bird to be persuaded to appear at the right moment to confirm the continuing collaboration with this "invisible college" that it has been our privilege to describe. We have learned that this is slightly amusing for Them as well. In a similarly amusing way we heard from Ariel in an earlier volume that this ongoing series of group contacts, each lasting about an hour and packaged 14 to a book, now reaching to number 56 in Volume 4, should continue to be more about the stars—rather than the tables—but the tables, while usually being different in the various places where the meetings occur, still give shape and image at the center of the seating cartoons showing the positions of the guests and our animal contingent as well as ourselves, usually with Julie on my right and the two us at the bottom of the table across from our dear friends Hilarion and Athena, he across from me and she across from Julie. Also often found at the table are our alter egos on shared double time-lines from future lives, Rhi and Phindar, arrayed at the half way points in between, who are intermediaries between us and the higher beings and councils who have now acknowledged us in our coached roles as "cosmic ambassadors" on Earth for the approaching groups of "non-terrestrial" beings who will now increasingly become more integrated into our various planetary cultures on Earth. This rather extraordinary revelation of ET existence or presence is often called "Disclosure," but it is also now more obvious that it will be a more nuanced process than most of us had expected, with its inevitable timing convergence that cannot be accurately predicted—even by Them. This amusing vein was seen to continue closer to home for me recently when a scientist on a forum recorded and put up on You Tube with fairly wide distribution, was seen to pop the inevitable question, as scientists are often seen to do in this age when the widespread extent of seemingly habitable exo-planets are being seen in the various advanced land and space-based telescopes … "Well, where are they?" This seriously engaged but slightly obtuse gentleman could not imagine that the ETs he was looking for and knew were supposed to be here—since their home planets were now known by him and his scientific colleagues to be there … could
About the author
Ted Denmark, currently residing in the California Motherlode, has lived in Northern California for most of the last 50 years. He attended Rice University for B.A. (philosophy), studied Jungian psychology in Zurich Switzerland and attended graduate school at UC Berkeley where he received his Ph.D. in psychology in 1975. He worked at UCB Space Sciences Lab as a design engineer for several decades before becoming a computer software engineer at Autodesk. His interests include organic gardening, solar architecture, astrology, ballroom dancing and a wide array of scientific and esoteric studies. His current retirement career has been as a custom house designer and a writer focusing on exploring his contactee experiences over the course of his lifetime.