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  • SubGenre:Oral Health
  • Language:English
  • Pages:118
  • eBook ISBN:9781682227206

Smile Beautifully!

The Ultimate Consumer's Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

by Kent D. Kohli

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Smile Beautifully! The Ultimate Consumer's Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry, was written specifically to educate you, the patient, on the critical 6 steps you must learn and apply to take charge of your cosmetic dental treatment plan. In this book you will gain a clear understanding of basic cosmetic dental terminology and consequently elevate your "dental I.Q." As a result of you reading this book, you will learn to communicate your esthetic treatment goals & aspirations effectively to your prospective cosmetic dentist. You will learn the difference between a dentist practicing "on the job training" in the area of restorative dentistry and one who is experienced, polished and refined- one truly capable of delivering you with the smile of your dreams... a smile design specialist! You will learn the 16 "taboo" questions that you should ask your prospective cosmetic dentist to ensure that you receive a predictable esthetic result in your treatment. You will learn where to find a smile design specialist near you. Ultimately, after reading this book, you will experience greater personal satisfaction with your new smile and feel better about your personal appearance. Now, it's your turn to Smile Beautifully!


Smile Beautifully! The Ultimate Consumer's Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry, was written specifically to educate you, the patient, on the critical 6 steps you must learn and apply to take charge of your cosmetic dental treatment plan.

There is so little unbiased consumer/patient educational information available on the subject of cosmetic dentistry in this day and age. In an honest effort to provide a solution to this dilemma, which is free from dental manufacturer bias and self-promotion, the following 6 steps will be addressed in great detail, providing you with valuable insight, never before discussed amongst the general public.

  1. Cosmetic Dental Terminology: Learn basic dental terminology essential to communicating your specific esthetic goals and expectations in seeking treatment from your prospective cosmetic dentist. Learning the 'cosmetic dental lingo' will ensure that your vision of your new smile is not lost in translation...
  2. How to Get the Best from Your Cosmetic Dentist: You will learn how to get the very best results from your cosmetic dentist, including how to make certain that he or she is using the best laboratory partner who will custom-craft your artistic and functional restorations which will become your new smile.
  3. 16 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Cosmetic Dentist: You will learn the 16 'taboo questions' that you must ask your dentist to determine if you can entrust the restoration of your smile to him/her or if you should seek out a more experienced and qualified professional. The Difference between a Highly Skilled Cosmetic Dentist and One Who's Not: You will learn and understand the difference between a restorative and cosmetic dentist qualified to restore your smile and one who is practicing 'on the job training.' Additionally, you will learn where to go to find a specialty- credentialed, professionally-esteemed cosmetic dental team who will exceed your esthetic expectations of your treatment.
  4. Smile Design Reconstruction: The Key to Predictable, Esthetic Results! You will learn the 4 critical steps involved in 'smile design' reconstruction which your dentist and laboratory partner should follow in order to ensure a predictable, esthetic outcome on your case. You will learn how to gently, yet effectively share and commit them to follow these 4 steps and as a result, you can expect to attain a much better result in your new smile!
  5. Highly Skilled Smile Design Specialists: You will be provided with a list of cosmetic dental organization websites where you may go to obtain additional information regarding cosmetic dentistry. These organizations will provide you with a list of qualified, competent restorative dentists who may work with to achieve your esthetic goals in restoring your smile.
  6. Additionally, I will provide you with the names, websites and contact info of individuals whom I know to be 'smile design' experts, both by reputation and whom I know personally. You may contact them directly.
About the author

Kent D. Kohli, CDT is a graduate of Weber State University and Archibald Associates Fixed Prosthodontic Program for Private Dental Technicians at the Clinical Research Associates in Provo, Utah. After graduating, Kent completed an advanced specialty internship in all-ceramic restoration under the direction of Master Dental Technician, John F. Archibald, CDT. Kent has owned and operated a private commercial dental studio, Contemporary Dental Aesthetics, LLC., for over 25 years, concentrating his efforts in all areas of fixed dental prosthetics. Kent's specialties are smile design reconstruction, all-ceramic restoration and esthetic implant restoration. His business tag line and personal mantra is "In Pursuit of a More Excellent Way..." Kent's passion is education and he has studied with some of the world's most talented Dentists, Master Dental Technicians and Artists. Some of these professionals include: Willi Geller, Uwe Brosamle, Jean Marc Etienne, Walter Gebhard, Hitoshi Aoshima, Naoki Aiba, Aki Yoshida, Naoki Hayashi, Yuichi Ikenaga, Don Cornell, John F. Archibald, Brad Jones, Matthew Roberts, Michael Bellerino, Gilbert Young, Brian Lindke, William Parks, Dr. Gerard Chiche, Dr. John Kois, Dr. Lloyd Miller, Dr. Robert Winter, Dr. David Hornbrook and Dr. Tom Trinkner. In addition to his professional studies, Kent has maintained an active teaching schedule as an International Instructor for Kuraray-Noritake Dental (Nagoya, Japan) and Henry Schein Dental (Melville, NY). Kent has presented hundreds of lectures, demos, demonstrations and hands-on courses over the past 12 years. Kent has also served as a technical education director and research & development consultant for a variety of dental ceramic companies and dental supply companies worldwide. Additionally he has authored numerous technical articles in dental journals and trade magazines, as well as authoring many technical instruction manuals on a variety of dental ceramic fabrication & layering techniques. Kent is married to Debra (25 years) and they are the proud parents of one son and three daughters. When Kent isn't crafting and photographing dental restorations and teeth, he can be found participating in macro and landscape photography, exercising, mountain biking, watching MLS soccer and college football, enjoying activities in the outdoors and serving in various capacities in his church congregation.