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  • SubGenre:Personal Finance / Money Management
  • Language:English
  • Pages:110
  • eBook ISBN:9781618428233

Small Savings Make a Big Fortune

1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW!

by Lesley Voth

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The global economic meltdown has taken its toll on people from all walks of life. For most, the path to recovery boils down to one simple rule: spend less than you earn. That’s easier said than done, of course, which is where this practical guide comes in. "1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW!" challenges readers to change their lifestyle to one that is affordable yet still offers the benefit of financial freedom. Lesley Voth uses clear, concise language to outline 1069 tips and strategies for reducing spending and directing the surplus toward debt reduction. But this is no stern treatise on self-deprivation. Rather, Lesley offers up realistic strategies with immediate and long-term benefits, enjoying life while spending less money. Readers hungry for still more information will be happy to find many, many links to helpful websites to execute their plans. "1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW!" is a valuable guide to financial responsibility for all ages.
In these days of bursting real-estate bubbles and spiraling unemployment, conspicuous consumption is “out” and serious thrift is “in.” The global economic meltdown has forced most consumers to become more aware of their spending habits in order to make do with less, pay off debt, and pad their savings accounts for the future. Yet even for those people willing to make big changes in their spending, it can be tough to figure out where to begin. Cue Lesley Voth’s "1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW!" is a clear, concise guide for families and individuals seeking guidance on where and how to trim their expenses. With 1069 tips and strategies for reducing spending and eliminating debt, "1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW!" is a must-read for consumers struggling to make both short- and long-term financial changes. Lesley stresses the importance of living within your means—i.e. spend less than you earn!—and yet she understands from personal experience how difficult that can be. In addition to the useful ideas to implement immediate savings, this eBook is loaded with links to websites that will help readers execute their plans. Chock-full of valuable information, 1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW! is the go-to guide for anyone trying to save money and get ahead financially, from new graduates and young couples just starting out to working families dealing with lost wages and retirees facing reduced pensions. Lesley’s advice is realistic, yet encouraging. She is sympathetic to the considerable stress that results from a financial crisis, but she is also honest about the sacrifice and hard work necessary to recover. Readers who stick to the plan set forth by "1069 ideas you can use to save money NOW!" may have to divest themselves of some immediate luxuries and possessions, but ultimately they will find themselves beginning a new and exciting stage of life.
About the author
Lesley Voth recognizes that we all need to tighten our belt in these financial times. She believes all families and single persons can easily improve their financial situation by following the advice she gives in this book. Lesley and her family learned to make ends meet when times were tough and money was short. She has proved these strategies work when put into action and “spend less to live well.” When times are tough we need to be thrifty in order to reach your goals. In addition to teaching how to live well on less, Lesley lives life to the max; she is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, traveler, and lover of sport. She has ridden across half of the United States and four Canadian provinces.