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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Pages:245
  • eBook ISBN:9781617923586

Servant of an Angry God

by Patrick Moses

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Men lose their temper all the time and the ensuing outcome is often tragedy. When God gets angry the consequences invariably prove to be apocalyptic. Servant of an Angry God is a tale of a sinful man redeemed, a holy man turned apostate and the supernatural forces guiding them both.
Justin Pointer was an example of everything wrong with this world; a cold blooded killer for hire. Victor Anson was once considered a beacon of light in a world gone dark and cold. Two tragic series of events forever altered their lives, one leading to a new lease on life and the other shattering a once steadfast commitment to faith. Two very separate lives destined for a set on a course that very well may end in the destruction of the world. One man guided by a saint seeks to prevent the end of days and the other, aided by a centuries old demon, is hell bent on ripping all that God has created asunder. The outcome depends solely on the actions of a Servant of an Angry God.
About the author
Patrick Moses is by day a Senior Munitions Logistics Analyst and an independent author by night, weekend and anytime between. Born and raised in Florence, SC; he was blessed with a gift for entertaining not only himself with imaginative tales, but anyone who would listen as well. Patrick joined the military shortly after high school in order to see as much of the world as he could. After six years in the US Army as an Ammunition Specialist, he utilized his learned skill set to gain employment in countries such as Kuwait, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Hungary and Croatia. His personal travels to numerous other countries provided ample inspiration to an already fertile mind. Mr. Moses currently lives in Northeastern United States with his wife and two children.