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  • SubGenre:Educational Psychology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:84
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667882833

Santa's Bells Ring 365 Days a Year!

by Mariann DiMattina-Gonzalez View author's profile page

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Santa's Bells Ring 365 Days a Year! Santa's Magic Computer puts a smiley face by each child's name when their special bell sound rings at the North Pole. Kids make the North Pole musical 24 hours a day by doing great things every day from all over the world. Santa Mrs. Claus and the Elves only watch the Children from the big TV screens all over the North Pole when they are doing good things. Santa did not want children to be sad and think he was watching them when they were mad, tired, did not exercise, had too much sugar or were not sure what was expected of them. Santa went to Mary Gonzapolis’s House to teach her how to make a Care Board. Santa wanted children to understand how to take care of themselves. He wanted them to learn how to be good to themselves and others. Those things make the bells ring at the North Pole. Santa emailed Mary a letter. He wants Mary to help him share the New Positive System at the North Pole with Families all over the world. She wrote this book to start spreading the word. Santa invented the 1. Care Board 2. Bells System 3. Magic Computer and 4. Actions Notebook to help families have happy days in their homes.  Santa allowed his elves to adopt dogs from the animal shelter after he saw them with the Easter Bunny. The Elves sent Mary pictures of the dogs doing things during certain months and holidays of the year for this book. Families should be excited about every new day and look forward to all the holidays and months of the year. Parents can keep track of all the good things their kids do every day by giving them smiley faces in their actions notebooks. Kids can leave those notebooks out for Santa on Christmas Eve so he can see all their growth and write them a letter in it.  Childhood flies by and Santa wants families to enjoy every magical day of the year!



Santa's Bells Ring 365 Days a Year! Santa's Magic Computer puts a smiley face by each child's name when their special bell sound rings at the North Pole. The sounds make music at the North Pole 24 hours a day. Good Actions are seen on the Big TV Screens all over the North Pole 365 days a year. Santa only watches the Children when they are doing good things. Santa asks his former Elf to teach the world about the Care Boards he would like every household to have. The Care Boards make it easy for Children to learn how to take care of themselves and do good things for others. The Smiley faces kids receive daily from their parents in their Actions Notebooks will make them happy. They will be proud of themselves. Parents will see the good their kids are doing and may want to create a weekly reward system. The notebooks can be left for Santa on the table with fruit or cookies on Christmas Eve. Santa will congratulate them for learning and growing every day of the year. Childhood flies by and Santa wants families to enjoy every magical day.

About the author

Hi, I’m Mary, Santa’s Former Mrs. Claus Elf. I left the North Pole to work with teens. I met my human husband there and decided to stay in the normal world. I worked at a TV station and did a Public Access TV show to help teens communicate with their families and adults better. I also wrote a weekly syndicated column for teens. I was an assistant to Stan Livingston and ran the daily set for a self-defense video called "Street Smart." It was a video made to help girls learn how to stay safe and learn how to protect themselves. My husband is a firefighter so I am married to a hero. He acts as a Santa Elf when he is not saving lives. We love to help people that need us. I stayed home with my 4 kids who are half-human and half-Elf when they were small. I volunteered for 10 years at their schools and other neighborhood committees. I taught reading at school. I taught Pre-School and Sundays School until they were older. They are adults now and work with Santa too. We love to help Santa and the Elves when we are not working at our other jobs. I Produced a Top Washingtonian Doctor's TV Show for the Chief of Pediatrics of a major trauma hospital. The doctors and I wanted to give families a forum to share their health nightmares. We wanted Specialists to educate our viewers on specific diseases. The show helped people understand the story behind every disease. The show gave people suffering from the same disease personal and medical information. I did a column in a local weekly newspaper during college for a doctor to answer anonymous questions about street drugs. I want to help with what we can control in this world. We need to raise our children in a positive house and make them see they are amazing kids so they grow into well-rounded amazing, independent adults that can take care of themselves.

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