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Mariann's most important job in life was being the Mom of 4 Fantastic Kids. Everything Mariann has done in life was to try and make a positive difference in the world for teens or kids. Santa's Bells Ring 365 Days a Year is a positive book for families to read together with their kids. Kids need to know what is expected of them. They need to know they are good. They need to see their daily accomplishments and be rewarded with smiley faces in their actions notebooks as well as on Santa's Computer. Santa's Bells ring at the North Pole every time an adult or child does something good for themselves or others. Kids need to know taking care of themselves is the most important thing they can do daily. Doing sweet things for others is appreciated and rewarded by Santa with a specific bell that rings just for that child or adult and is seen on the big screens all over the North Pole. Children are like puppies. They need sleep, good food, exercise, rewards, and praise. They need to know they are good! Santa brings a yearly reward!


From The Desk of Stanley Livingston

February 12, 2023

Re: The Children’s Book, “SANTA’S BELLS RING 365 DAYS A YEAR”

I just finished reading a delightful children’s book called “SANTA’S BELLS RING 365 DAYS A
YEAR”. This fun book by author, Mariann DiMattina Gonzalez, is a great read for younger children, teens, and Adults.

The idea behind the Book is that Santa Claus doesn’t exist just one day a year (on Christmas) but is out
there watching and keeping track of the things we do 365 DAYS A YEAR! Santa’s watching... and you
better be good. The book promotes the idea of bringing parents and children closer together through
successfully engaging in the daily activities of life. The Book sets forth a methodology that turns
mundane chores and tasks into fun-filled challenges and activities. Apparently, Santa highly approves of
children accomplishing daily tasks and good deeds, In the book, Santa provides a “CARE BOARD” to
help keep track of all the things that he expects children to accomplish on a daily basis if they want to
wind up on his “GOOD CHILDREN’S LIST”.
The Book – and the idea behind it - has the power to bring parents and children closer together through
planning and accomplishing daily tasks, activities and good deeds. The Book also promotes and teaches
understanding, kindness, love and mutual respect. Reading this book is an activity that parents,
grandparents, or the whole family can do together.
It turns out that Santa – and his special Elf, MARIANN – are pretty smart - together, they have figured
out a fun-filled way to make the little things of life happen in a fun way!

Stanley Livingston
Producer, Director, Actor (“My Three Sons”)

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