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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:128
  • eBook ISBN:9781620950913

Revealing the Truth Behind Corporate Prison Walls

The Key to Freedom & Escaping Your Job

by Jodi Hudak

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The Truth Behind Corporate Prison Walls: The Key to Freedom & Escaping Your Job is about the corruption cultivated in the corporate world and how people have an alternate model for earning an income. By overcoming their fears and choosing the better model, the pendulum will shift back to the people.
Whether your corporate job has stricken you with hard knocks, consumes your life, or causes you stress from lack of security or finances, or you simply want a way to earn a limitless income, you can break free from corporate confinement. Awaken your dreams and live the dream life you deserve. The more people choose a non-corporate path, the sooner the corporate world will have to clean up its mess and give power back to the people. Revealing the Truth Behind Corporate Prison Walls: The Key to Freedom & Escaping Your Job will help you: • Learn how prison walls are established within corporate societies, where dreams are destroyed • Recognize how the seven deadly sins cultivate within corporations • Learn how to break free from corporate confinement • Understand what is needed to clean-up corporate disaster in order to give power back to the people, where it belongs
About the author
JODI HUDAK is an author, transformational career coach, and entrepreneur. She firmly believes that we all have the ability to live the life of our dreams by understanding the control we have within our power and using it wisely and effectively. Although Jodi began her career with an Electrical Engineering education, working in various engineering, computer, manufacturing, and IT positions, she soon learned Project Management was in her blood. She found one of her passions to be managing projects in which she could organize, assist, and empower her team members to achieve success, within a team, beyond what seemed possible. Having worked for nearly twenty-five years in the corporate world, Jodi has been in more than fifteen different corporations building trusting relationships that generated high-performing, successful teams. She has earned rewards and recommendations for extra efforts put forth simply because she cares about people and gives her all to help her team members succeed. Throughout her corporate career, Jodi experienced increasing turmoil as a consequence of the corruption cultivated within corporate societies. Jodi always stood up for what she believed to be “right,” only to be shoved out for destructive political reasons. As much as she enjoyed her role in the corporate world, Jodi experienced how the corporate lifestyle limited her. She also endured the political ties that prevented her from truly helping people as needed within the economic disaster and financial façade the corporate world creates. Because of these situations, Jodi chose to break free from the corporate world. This freedom has allowed Jodi to step back and assess her life to determine how she wants to be remembered. Because Jodi’s driving force is helping others, she has decided to spend her time with her husband, and together they seek to lead the way for others to obtain financial and time freedom. Jodi now works with her husband, focusing on transforming lives by helping others break free from the chains they’ve unknowingly placed upon themselves. Their mission is to help others live their dreams. As a published poet who has also published several recipes, Jodi is known by her family and friends for being a profound writer and family chef. Her warm heart, depth of character, spiritual-connectedness, and giving nature result in her forming strong bonds and deep connections. Jodi and her husband, BJ, continue working on various media to tap into avenues for spreading the word and transforming lives. You can connect with Jodi and BJ on Facebook and Twitter, and you can read Jodi’s blogs and learn more about her new venture with her husband.