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  • SubGenre:Development / Business Development
  • Language:English
  • Pages:70
  • eBook ISBN:9781620954850

Positive Impact

26 Simple Ways to Boost Your Business and Your Life

by Michael R. Virardi

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This book is all about making a Positive Impact on the world around you; the relationships you have with people, the work you conduct, and your own self. Making a Positive Impact is, in essence, harnessing the power of meaningful relationships with others to achieve your goal; personal and professional success. In this book you will find 26 simple and effective ways to boost your business and your life. You will learn about combining sales and customer care into something powerful that differentiates you from the rest and earns you respect in the marketplace and at home. Change your perspective within minutes and learn how to make an impression that will last a lifetime.
This book is all about making a Positive Impact on the world at large, on others around you, and even on yourself. You’d be amazed at how many obstacles we build up around ourselves, without even knowing it. By taking you through a journey of story-telling, Michael Virardi specifies the 26 simple ways to boost your business and your life. By blending elements of customer service and sales and transforming them into something stronger than each alone, Michael explains how important it is to differentiate yourself in today’s market. Michael’s objective is to help readers to absorb his knowledge and experiences, accumulated through his life’s experiences, and to apply his messages as they see fit in order to achieve their goal, which is none other than personal and professional success. Success, however, is not something tangible; rather, it is a balanced blend of great relationships with others, professional recognition in your field and environment, and positive self-esteem. People need to be determined to offer added value in everything they do; at work, in their personal lives, and to themselves. Adding value to your products or services, is not a matter of circumstances or capabilities; it is a matter of choice, your choice. We all need to go the extra mile, to offer that little bit more that sets us apart from the rest, and to differentiate ourselves in ways that add real value to our customers. Doing all this alone is quite a feat; this book helps you use the power of the collective, whatever your circumstances. The power of teamwork and cooperation towards a common goal of success is, without question, the most significant ‘weapon’ any business or individual can have and harness. This book embodies a guide to success for individuals and organizations alike to: • Move from customer service to customer care • Increase their profitability by being true to themselves • Turn their staff into long-term employees • Establish and reinforce relationships that matter • Earn recognition in their fields • Gain the respect of others Each chapter represents an element of truth, a pearl of wisdom, for each of us to take into account, understand, and incorporate into our work and personal lives. Michael Virardi is convinced that the chapters in his book, his own “clues” to success, his own “Positive Impact”, will lead you to your own experiences of success as an individual and a professional.
About the author
Michael R. Virardi began his career in the relative comfort of a family business. And yet, he was not content with a predetermined path. Aiming higher, and despite the initial scepticism that he faced, he launched his own company, MRV Simple Techniques. The new company served as a platform for the provision of business solutions and advice delivered in the form of seminars, lectures and motivational speeches for groups as well as individuals. With his company successfully bringing in remarkable results since day one, Michael aspires to make a positive and powerful contribution in the areas of sales, business management, and personal development. Through ongoing study, research, and experience, Michael has managed to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and skills which he applies to the fullest in his every interaction. He firmly believes that, with the right approach, any person with average skills can achieve great and permanent rewards. “We are all blank canvasses when we start out in life; it is how much you drive yourself to succeed and learn, that sets you apart and makes the difference in people’s lives”. He insists that people should never stay comfortable with their knowledge and skills they have; they should always strive to know more, learn more, and experience more. As a motivational speaker he has produced a series of CDs and DVDs, both in English and Greek, which demonstrate his passion for the topics he inspires people on. The series focuses on: self development, differentiation, leadership, teamwork, goal-setting, time management, customer service and sales. Michael is an active member of the Advisory Board of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, and also a Guest Lecturer. He is an avid writer and contributor on Customer Service Tips in various prestigious business and self development magazines. His book “Positive Impact” is already a best-seller and is in the works to print for a second edition. He is currently nearing the completion of his second book, on the subjects of self-development and motivation in life and business. Michael’s mission in life is to use his enthusiasm and knowledge to inspire and support others to be happy, dynamic and able to differentiate themselves from those around them. As he puts it, “my goal is to help others achieve their own goals”.