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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9798350922936
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350922929

Out of Respect

by Denise De Stefano

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Dive into the heartrending true story of a young girl's struggle for survival in the neighborhoods of South Philly. "Out of Respect" unveils the hidden tears behind the smiles, a life entangled in the web of secrets she guards zealously to protect her beloved father and herself. Raised under the shadow of a narcissistic mother's physical and mental torment, she learns resilience in the face of adversity, guided by her father's wisdom to harness the strength of her mind while preserving the grace of her femininity. This poignant narrative is where "A Bronx Tale" converges with "Mommy Dearest," offering an intimate glimpse into the harrowing journey of abuse, trauma, and the indomitable spirit of a young woman. 

Endorsement & Testimonial: 

"Denise De Stefano’s "Out of Respect" is a compelling memoir written in a straightforward, engaging, and riveting style. De Stefano details the extreme abuse she endured as a child and young teen at the hands of her mentally ill mother, and how the abiding love of her father, together with her deep religious faith, sustained her.  Born and raised in South Philadelphia, the author presents many traumatic events she experienced as she grew into adulthood. Nevertheless, De Stefano makes it clear that her strong will and her deep faith in God prevented her from having the mentality of a victim. She recounts her life journey with depictions of relationships with many people. One particularly moving example is her poignant relationship with a caring teacher, who taught in De Stefano’s Catholic grade school. De Stefano traveled far from her South Philadelphia neighborhood, yet she never forgot her roots nor the important life lessons she learned from her beloved father. She became an educated woman, a nurse, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a self-actualized person. Denise De Stefano, through her book, demonstrates in vivid language the power of spirituality, resilience, and redemption, which ultimately led to her triumph over adversity."
~ Maria Famà, South Philadelphia, PA
Poet and educator: Author of  The Good for the Good and other books of poetry

"I could not put this book down. It feels like you are sitting across the table having an intense, sometimes tragic sometimes funny conversation with Denise. She absolutely captures life in South Philly during the 60’s and 70’s. Gangsters, priests, nuns, cheesesteaks, water ice, this book has it all. How this young girl survived her abusive childhood and found sanctuary in the hands of local gangsters and the church is remarkable."
~ Scott Soloman

"Read Denise's book in one sitting. Couldn't put it down. Excellent perspective on the effects of your silence. Best seller list. A must read. God bless."
~ Marianne Iannone-Tropiano, RN BSN MHA, Laurel Springs, NJ


Are you searching for a glimmer of hope in the shadows of your own past secrets? Within the pages of “Out of Respect,” Denise De Stefano shares with you her powerful journey from the darkness of unspeakable childhood abuse at the hands of her violent, narcissistic mother, to the healing light of redemption.

It is told by the voice of a child who become a savvy woman growing up in South Philly with all its colorful culture. The book teaches us a new perspective, on the word “respect.”

De Stefano’s recovery, recollections, and authentic storytelling are a gift to us all. Through her story, written in first person, anyone can find their own truths revealed.

De Stefano was taught street smarts by her father and his friends. She learned how to think like a man in order to survive, but never to forget that she was a lady.

These skills and her relentless perseverance took her through many traumatic life-threatening events, demonstrated in vivid language. The power of resilience ultimately led Denise to triumph over adversity.

De Stefano's life took her from Philly to New York City, Malibu, Hollywood, and abroad. She lives her truth through the power of faith that one can overcome the past.

About the author
Denise De Stefano is an entrepreneur, writer, creator, producer, and author. Born and raised in South Philadelphia as a child, her father taught her to think like a man in order to survive, but never to forget she was a lady. De Stefano grew up in a world of secrets which she chronicles in her new released memoir entitled "Out of Respect." A born storyteller, De Stefano incorporates humor as one of her major coping mechanisms that she used in addition to her relentless faith in God to survive her life journey. She professes she is on a mission from God, walking by faith and not by sight. In the 1990s she moved to LA and accepted a position as the Director of Operations for Miracle Pictures Group, an LA film company owned by producer A. Kitman Ho (also known for his work in Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, and other notable films). In the past she has been represented by William Morris, among others. She wrote and performed as a stand‐up comedian in New York City and Los Angeles at various major clubs, ultimately becoming a headliner at The Comedy Store in LA. De Stefano holds a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing with a Background in Psychology and the Arts. She has received acclaim and numerous awards for her visionary pioneering work, making her a national leader in the healthcare and creative media industries. De Stefano was the Founder/ Executive Producer of Video Health Systems, Inc., an award‐winning informational media company that quickly became an industry leader of delivering health information to empower patients. Additionally, she co‐published a paper for the American College of Legal Medicine, among others. As a frequently requested speaker on women's issues and business issues, and as a motivational speaker, De Stefano has served on numerous advisory boards, uplifting and motivating women in business. De Stefano is a staunch advocate for issues dealing with adult survivors of abuse and trauma, child abuse, mental health, PTSD, quality patient care, preserving our planet, equality, animal welfare, and animal rescue. De Stefano presently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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