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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Substance Abuse & Addictions / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:125
  • eBook ISBN:9780978823733

Once and for All

A Faith-Based, Biblically Principled Approach to Eradicating Addictions

by Michelle Behrenwald

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Experience freedom, healing, restoration and fullness of life- Today – not tomorrow, next week or next year – Today! Big God means Big Free! This book will provide you with the Truth about getting free and staying free from any kind of addiction or undesirable habit. God wants you free and Jesus has paid for and made the way. So gain insight, release God’s power and get free today. God loves you and is bigger than anything trying to hold you back. He created you a “Designer Original signed by God®” – you have a divine purpose and place in this generation to fulfill – so get free and live life fully. God has big plans for you! This book is simple and clear. It deals with the spiritual aspects of addictions / life issues and activating God’s power in your situation. It is also a practical guide with testimonies, prayers to release freedom today as well as ways to stay free. Experience God’s freedom, healing, restoration and fullness of life – today!
Experience freedom, healing, restoration and fullness of life- Today – not tomorrow, next week or next year – Today! Big God means Big Free! This book will guide you through the Truth about getting free and continuing to walk in freedom – staying free is a journey, but you will do it – God will help you! It works for any addiction or any major oppression you are facing, like smoking, drugs (prescription / street), alcohol, anger, fear, depression, fear etc... This book is based on God’s biblical principles and real life application. It comes at it from God’s perspective and releases His power into the situation on all three realms we operate in – spiritually, physically and mentally (mind, will & emotions). So how is it different? • It is based on what Jesus Christ did and the work of the Holy Spirit (it is God made not man made). It is God’s plan not Michelle’s plan. • It deals with the situation from a spiritual level which then shifts the physical and mental realms into living free. • It is deals with the “heart issues” behind the addiction and replaces them with God’s love and promises. • It activates God’s power in your life – which eradicates versus trying to medicate and cope with the addiction or pain. • It is simple and clear. • It assists readers up and out of bondage – into their God given calling and purpose. Jesus Christ came to heal, deliver, restore and reconcile – so let’s get free! God has big plans for you! Quotes: • “This book finally puts all the pieces together on both the spiritual and natural realms. I am free – thank you Jesus!” • “I like it because I can understand it and it works!” For other resources to assist you in freedom journey – go to: • Website (listen on-line or download) encouragement @ www.BigGodBigFree.com. • Need Encouragement right now – call toll free in US – 1-888-GodFix1. For pre-recorded uplifting messages for you and others. • Other CD series / teachings (go to the website resources section). • Testimonies on how God has set others free – go to website under testimonies and feel free to add your own!
About the author
Michelle is a business person and blood bought child of the Living God. Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Communication and her experience includes over 20 years as a global business executive, a university instructor and an auctioneer. She is passionate about others understanding and knowing that they are one-of-a-kind -- “Designer Original Signed by God®”. Michelle is also the founder of by desiGn ministries, inc., which exists to help restore and free people and to encourage them as they follow God. She teaches a “Free Indeed” series that helps people get set free from any hindrances like addictions, fear, anxiety, anger, depression, stress or undesirable generational patterns so that they can walk forward into God’s blessings, freedom and divine purpose for their lives. More importantly, Michelle is an overcomer herself, freed from lots of things; addictions, fears, guilt, anger, pain and shame. When you live life, you receive a lot of damage-and sometimes when we are damaged; we become something we don’t want to be. But good News, God has provided a way out in Jesus Christ – she is a living testament to God’s Way. She wants to get freer every day. Her goal is that she is able to walk out her front door and no matter what happens that day, it will not affect her because of Whose she is and His unconditional love for her. That doesn’t mean life won’t have its humps and bumps, it sure will, it is a fallen world we live in. The devil and his forces are always trying to seduce you and contest your liberty, but with Jesus Christ in you and the Holy Spirit as your helper, you go through it differently. Michelle believes God is a Big God who wants His children to live abundantly in freedom. Before she became a sold-out child of God, she said, “I was confused because most people’s rendition of God wasn’t very big – all I ever wanted was to know God for who He really is – Omni everything and He is – plus He loves me unconditionally and immeasurably! He is bigger than anything I bring to Him.” Don’t let anyone but the Lord God Almighty define you! He has a high calling, divine purpose and place for you in this generation. He loves you, He created you, and He is well able to handle whatever you bring his way – so come on – get free today! God Bless You - Michelle