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  • SubGenre:Water Sports / Swimming & Diving
  • Language:English
  • Pages:43
  • eBook ISBN:9780987261427

Nutrition for Swimmers

For Junior and Age Group Swimmers

by Gary Barclay and Megan McDonald

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All children who participate in the sport of swimming can greatly benefit from sports nutrition. As swimming is based on strength, power, endurance and agility, a swimmer can eat a tailored diet based on their training and competition requirements. As well as the benefits an athlete will enjoy from improving their sports nutrition habits, adolescence is also a great time to introduce and reinforce good overall nutritional habits for the future years. Nutrition for Swimmers is an ebook that can be used as a guide for families on what to eat when and specifically focuses on eating guidelines around swimming training and competition programs.
The big question asked by swimming parents around the world is : What food do I give my child to help them become a successful swimmer ? The answer is now available! You can go from being unsure of what to provide your child to eat before and after training or races, to knowing exactly what to offer in just a few hours. You will learn : What your child should be eating before and after training sessions What the best snacks are to eat after practice The right food to take to competitions Why a swimmers day-to-day diet is so important What a swimmer should eat the night before a big competition When a sports specific nutritional diet should be introduced to a swimmer Why staying hydrated is so important for training and competitions What happens to a swimmers body if they do not eat the right food or hydrate correctly during a competition ... and much more! Parents from all over the world can now learn what swimmers need to eat and when, in this easy to read, informative and beautifully designed eBook. Nutrition for Swimmers has all the information you have ever wanted to assist a swimmer with their nutrition and hydration needs in their day to day life. It covers all facets of training and competition and the associated food and drink required. Provide the best nutrition for your child to achieve peak performance with their swimming. By reading Nutrition for Swimmers you will also learn: Why a baseline diet is so important for all family members. That there is no use having sport specific nutrition strategies if you do not already have a good basic diet. How to ensure your families basic diet is spot on so that you can introduce sport specific nutrition strategies. Why ‘Energy Balance’ is important for the adolescent swimmer. The difference between fat and weight in a body’s composition. The three components that provide energy to a swimmer. How each source of energy works in a different way to assist a swimmers growth and performance. Why some fats are considered essential for a swimmers health and well-being. That carbohydrates are critical for muscle movement as they provide a source of energy for the muscles The difference between high and low glycaemic index foods How protein is important for a swimmer’s muscle development and recovery. Why the maintenance of a high level of fluid in the body is so important. In addition, you will also receive as part of the Nutrition for Swimmers ebook: Five fantastic ‘Visual Reference Meal and Snack Idea’ pages that you can print, laminate and stick on the fridge for easy reference. A ‘Daily Meal Ideas’ page that can be used as a quick reference for the best breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. More than 50 snack ideas for swimmers to eat at different stages of the day. Plenty of snack ideas that are quickly available from the cupboard, in the freezer, from the fridge and in the car. Once you get this book in your hands, you'll discover everything you need to know, in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step way. Nutrition for Swimmers covers many different facets of nutrition information and will assist you to understand why certain foods are necessary to include in the family diet. This book is unlike anything you've ever seen. How do we know? Nutrition for Swimmers has been written specifically to assist swimmers. It considers the unique training and competition requirements of a competitive swimmer. We have searched for a swimmers nutrition book in print and none of them cover the information provided in this ebook. This ebook will change the way you provide support in the area of nutrition. It will provide you with ideas to cater for every situation that a swimmer faces. By following the information provided, you will create the best environment for your child to achieve swimming success!
About the author
Gary Barclay is a leading educator in the areas of sporting performance and personal development. His ability to inspire people of all ages is a testament to his speaking prowess and ability to design presentations to the audience he is speaking to.