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  • SubGenre:Psychotherapy / Child & Adolescent
  • Language:English
  • Pages:68
  • eBook ISBN:9781513654027
  • Paperback ISBN:9781513653907

My Mom is a Big Fat Whale

A New Workbook for Kids & Teens to Take the Power Back from Bullies

by Jon D. Beaumont MS LPCS

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DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE TITLE!!! Obviously, I do not believe this to be true about my mother. The title is actually an insinuation of the technique described in the book, clinically designated as "Reductio Absurdum."  I promise it will make sense once you get into the material.

Have you ever had an experience with bullies, or at least know someone who has? Of course you do... we all do. Fortunately, now there's a way to make it stop!

A tremendous number of people are plagued by bullies every day, and unfortunately most of these victims are young people whose age makes them vulnerable to lasting damage. Bullying has been persistent throughout history, but seems to be even more prevalent than ever in today's society. Furthermore, the evolution of bullies means that the old ways of dealing with them don't work as well as they used to. 

Due to the staggeringly high rates of occurrence, it's time to take a new approach. This workbook is intended to equip children, adolescents, teenagers, and even young adults with a unique way to deal with verbal and cyberbullying. 


Using the S-T-A strategy (detailed in the workbook), readers will learn how simple it is to take the power back from bullies. Exercises to practice the techniques follow each explanation and will equip readers with the tools they need. If others are picking on you or making fun of you to the point that it is causing emotional pain, this is the perfect intervention! Intended for use by or with anyone who struggles with the hurt feelings caused by the things others say, whether in person or on social media, it will benefit those who have ever experienced any of the following:

  • Being bullied
  • Being picked on
  • Being made fun of
  • Being the target of jokes
  • Being laughed at

This guide is also a great tool for adults that want to assist children or adolescents who are victims of verbal or online bullying. It can be an excellent way for parents to teach their kids how to deal with bullies effectively. Therapists and Counselors could also implement the strategies used in this workbook to aid their ongoing work with young clients. By the end of the workbook, it will be clear to readers that using the S-T-A technique is the ultimate way to TAKE THE POWER BACK FROM BULLIES.

About the author
Jon D. Beaumont, LPCS, is an "outside-the-box" licensed professional counselor with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a certification in cognitive behavioral therapy. He has a wide range of experience working with children, adolescents, and teenagers in both managed care and private practice settings. He has used his solution-focused approach to create this ground-breaking method of dealing with bullies, which he has implemented in practice for over ten years to change the lives of countless victims of verbal torment. He now wishes to share these techniques with a wider audience in hopes to reduce the bully epidemic.

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The title definitely catches your eye.. I think the book hits the nail on the head! Bullying is happening everywhere and the first instinct is to do the same thing to them but the author gives great advice in how to handle it so differently....I throughly recommend this book for all ages.. Read more
My Mom Is A Big Fat Whale I am the author's mom and I am so proud of Jon and I support this book 100%. It is a wonderful non-violent way to deal with bullies. I encourage any parent to sit with your child and read this workbook with them. After reading this book, you will see that I am not insulted by the title. In fact, I am blessed to be Jon's mom. Read more