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Jon D. Beaumont, LPCS, is a licensed professional counselor with a certification in cognitive behavioral therapy. He has a wide range of experience working with children, adolescents, and teenagers in both managed care and private practice settings. Jon has used his solution-focused approach to create this ground-breaking method of dealing with bullies, which he has implemented in practice for over ten years to change the lives of countless victims of verbal torment. He now wishes to share these techniques with a wider audience in hopes to reduce the bully epidemic.

Learn more about Jon and his mission at www.BeaumontCounselingServices.com

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Great News! My Mom is a Big Fat Whale just received it's first award!

The 5 STAR AWARD on ReadersFavorite.com (see the full review below)

"Bullying has become a serious topic and some might say it has become an epidemic in schools and homes over the past 20 or so years, especially with the creation of the internet and its many ways to communicate via websites. Bullying was once perceived as a violence issue between the bully and the victim. It has now become much more. Words are hurting more and more young children and teens. With technology at most kids' fingertips today, being a bully or even being a victim is more common than ever. How are children supposed to deal with bullying that is taking place with words, and not even so much spoken words these days, but with emails, blogs, posts, and text messages?

My Mom is a Big Fat Whale by Jon D. Beaumont is a workbook skillfully developed to help children and teens deal with bullying. The layout and design of each page will be easily processed and understood by any reader who is reading and working with this book. The author provides a detailed story at the beginning of each chapter, followed by a series of questions for the reader to complete. The story allows the reader to become more comfortable with talking about, or rather writing about, his or her own bullying situation or a situation they know about. In a world where communicating verbally is almost obsolete for most young people, this workbook provides a great opportunity to be able to discuss and access a situation with themselves, or with another person, more privately through writing. A great resource for parents, counselors, teachers, librarians, or anyone seeking bullying advice and answers."
Reviewed By Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite (readersfavorite.com)

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