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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Satire
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Dirty Works
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:320
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098314439

More Dirty Work

by Brett Sody

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What are you looking at, friend-o? Never seen anybody change colour before? Good trick, hey? Let's face it, sooner or later, staying ahead of the pack will more than likely involve executing a fast one or two. Might have to pull the wool over the odd eye or four. Possibly put one over on dinner. May need to mislead it right up the garden path. It's a tough game. Just ask Detective Pete Young, facing his biggest challenge to date. He's about to cop what every dick worth his salt needs: An arch nemesis, namely, Chad Oldman; social security recipient, reality television addict and cover band member. There's a lot MORE DIRTY WORK in the offing!
Mr. Chad Oldman proves to be a hard nut to crack. In the big black MORE DIRTY WORK pot we have a sexy Italian celebrity chef subjected to an on-going and increasingly nasty extortion campaign conducted by a bunch of unknown texting loonies, a Department of Social Security surveillance team with blackmail on their agenda, an Alt-country, blues and roots band that keep disappearing, an A.I. called Ivan brought in to sort out the mess, an ex-bassist with a new album to promote, a kidnapped cop, a cover band taking to the high seas and a private investigator hot on their heels. What's all this got to do with Mr. Chad Oldman? That's the continuing conundrum and, as usual, that's just the humans. The hard-boiled parody continues....
About the author
Detective-Sergeant Eddie Martin, nursing a cappuccino, is getting the lowdown on this Brett Sody character from the squad's number one; Detective Pete Young, who's nursing an organic chai latte with almond milk, extra turmeric and extra ginger. As usual, the lad's been thorough. He takes a big sip of the chai and gets his notebook out. DS: 'So, Pete. This Brett Sody, what's the story with him? What'd you find out?' DP: 'Righto; B.S. was born in St. Kilda, Melbourne, 1958. Family moved to Adelaide when he was 14' DS: 'Got a record?' DP: 'Put out a few back in the 90's as a member of 'The Love Mussels' DS: 'Police record, Pete' DP: 'Zip' DS: 'Right, so he's one of those muso types' DP: 'Played in a lot of bands' DS: 'What's he do for a crust, this Sody character?' DP: 'Got his own recording studio' DS: 'That a fact? What's it called?' DP: 'SodyPop' DS: 'Isn't that an Asian soft drink?' DP: 'He had the name first' DS: 'Anything else?' DP: 'Won Most Outstanding Studio Engineer at the 2000 S.A. Music Industry awards' DS: 'Yeah, okay, big deal. What else?' DP: 'Inducted, 2016, into the S.A. Music Hall of Fame' DS: 'What for, Pete?' DP: '25 years of unquestionable musical excellence' DS: 'Okay, not bad, that it? What about writing?' DP: 'Wrote and produced A Journey Through the Past' DS: 'Bullshit, that's Neil Young, everybody knows that' DP: 'Not the Neil Young album, this was a stage play. Based on "Neil & Me," by Scott Young' DS: 'Never heard of him' DP: 'Neil's dad' DS: 'Oh yeah, how'd it go? DP: 'Pretty good. Put on four sell-out shows; 2012 and 2013, Adelaide Fringe' DS: 'That it now? DP: 'Wrote the screenplay for 'Home': 18 minute short film' DS: 'I'm beside myself' DP: 'It won an Award of Excellence at the 2014 Canada International Film festival in Vancouver' DS: 'Big deal. So what's he done since?' DP: 'Been working on his trilogy of novels' DS: 'Oh Jesus, not another writer' DP: 'Afraid so, yeah, yet another one' DS: 'Tragic. All right then, go on, what are they called?' DP: 'The Dirty Works' DS: 'The Dirty Works? You in it?' DP: 'Amongst others' DS: 'How many are out so far?' DP: 'The first two. Dirty Work and More Dirty Work' DS: 'I know I'll regret asking, but what are they about, Pete?' DP: 'Shall I read you his spiel?' DS: 'Go on, humour me' DP: 'An on-going satire about the struggle to get by, whatever you might be' DS: 'Spare me. Spoofs, are they?' DP: 'Sort of. He's working on the third as we speak. Dead-set keen he is' DS: 'What's he calling that one?' DP: 'Dirty Work Revisited' DS: 'Naturally. So Pete, what's your take on this Brett Sody bloke?' DP: 'I say we leave him alone for a bit, see how Three pans out. DS: 'Good plan, Pete. He got a website?' DP: 'www.brettsody.com'