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  • SubGenre:Finance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:80
  • eBook ISBN:9781623092238

Money Finders System

Because It's Your Money

by John Clower

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Despite the financial position that the US government is in they are currently holding billions of dollars, yes billions of dollars in unclaimed cash and property and this easy to use MoneyFinders System will show you how to get your hands on some of this unclaimed cash and property.The first unique aspect of the MoneyFinders System is that it can show you how to locate money that is possibly owed to you. Second, The MoneyFinders System can show you how to locate money that is owed to your friends, neighbors’ parents, grand parents or even your great grandparents since some unclaimed property dates back over a hundred years.Third, The MoneyFinders System can show you how to make money by locating other people’s cash property for a percentage of the find. MoneyFinders System covers all 50 states and shows an easy step by step method to find the lost and unclaimed property thats waiting to be discovered.
MoneyFinders System teaches people how to locate lost and unclaimed property that may belong to them, friends or family. It also teaches people how to make money by locating other people’s property. In short the lost claim process is regulated differently from state to state but it is a similar process. Currently the State of New York holds about Eight-Billion dollars. The State of Texas holds Two-Billion Dollars and in 1996 paid a $4.2 million dollar claim in forgotten stock. If someone other than the owner located this property they could have earned over $400-thousand dollars on one find since the state of Texas has a 10% finder’s fee. Most states have a finder’s fee of at least 10% and some are even greater. California is now holding over Five-Billion Dollars. There are a total of twelve US States holding over One-Billion dollars each and the grand total that’s being held by the government is somewhere between three and four hundred-billion dollars. The MoneyFinders System simply explains the process of how to find what belongs to you, and how to find and make a percentage of other people’s property. It has been stated that 7 in 10 people are owed some type of missing property. The MoneyFinders System contains; contact information, dollar amounts being held by each individual state, finder’s information in all 50 states, and it contains many website information links.
About the author
John Clower is an enthusiast who has enjoyed locating hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in the unclaimed property. He now shares his knowledge through the MoneyFinders System.