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  • Genre:PETS
  • SubGenre:Dogs / Breeds
  • Language:English
  • Pages:232
  • Paperback ISBN:9781735075495

Millie! The Last Chapters

by Louis David Lavalle and Roseanne Patanjo-Lavalle View author's profile page

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THIS IS MILLIE'S STORY The book is based on actual events that began in a pet store on Lexington Avenue in March of 2005. It's a story about love and caring. A full-bred Yorkshire Terrier, Millie was three months old when Roseanne brought her home. Born late December 2004, in Stark City, Missouri, Millie was the smallest puppy in her litter. Her breeder sold her to American Kennels in New York City. The book follows her from the day she became a part of our family and changed our lives, filling our home with happiness. It threads its way through good times and fearful times. From the unexpected trauma, just five days after Roseanne brought her home, to nearly fifteen years later, the horrendous months after her battle with cataracts. The original book, "Millie! A Love Story" was published late November 2019. It chronicled sixteen years of our life with Millie. Sadly, just two years after publication, on March 4, 2021, Millie left us. If you read the first book you'll hopefully get closure on Millie's life, from the day she arrived at our New York City apartment in 2005 to her final days in our Florida home, in 2020. If you did not read the original book, this newer edition recants the entire story, since 90% is a reprise of the first edition. HOWEVER, the 2022 edition includes many original photos of Millie, each with a quote from her blog. In addition to photos of Millie, some text has been edited for clarity and accuracy. Also included in this edition are reviews received by the publisher late 2019.While the first book was difficult to write, "Millie! The Last Chapter" was infinitely more difficult. But Millie's story would not be complete without it.
Our daily routine, along with those of families across the globe has changed one- hundred-fold since Covid. We find ourselves wishing for the life that was. The original 'Millie' book chronicled her life with Ro and myself between 2004 and 2020. Her story, first told in the book Millie! A Love Story, began one evening when Roseanne took a subway trip to the gym. That night turned out to be the beginning of sixteen years filled with unimaginable happiness and joy. Coming out of the subway, she ended up on the wrong side of Lexington Avenue. Looking across the avenue at the bumper-to-bumper cars and trucks and the pelting rain she decided it was too dangerous to cross. She began a brisk walk looking for cover and passed the window of a pet store. Mesmerized by the puppies curiously gathered to see this stranger, she stepped into the entrance and peered in closely, poking the window. Surprisingly, one of the pups appeared to return her gaze. We do not have to be reminded that life is not fair. "MILLIE! THE LAST CHAPTERS" is the complete story of Millie, her joys, and the unconditional love and happiness she brought to everyone fortunate enough to meet her. Sadly, it's also a reminder that all good things must eventually come to an end. Throughout the construction of the manuscript, Millie was a trooper, shrugging off the effects of two surgeries, several bacterial infections, and a tortuous fight with blindness. She kept her composure, throughout, never quitting, always proving to us the true lady she was. Millie's story is both joyful and heart-breaking at times, but isn't life the same? There are literally hundreds of books that explain the do's and don'ts of dog ownership. This book is a chronicle of Millie's more than fifteen years with us. It relates firsthand how she brought so much love to her mom and dad's life. Each chapter is a "window" into Millie's world. I hope they offer a clear vision into how it's possible to love an animal as much as a human, if not more. If reading this book does that for you, then I consider it a grand success. Follow Millie as she joins our family and grows up with us, spreading joy and love to everyone lucky enough to meet her. If you don't own a dog, or have not considered it before, be forewarned––Millie's story may give you good reason to change your mind. Imagine yourself in my shoes, being fortunate to live every day with a loving, caring, and devoted "dog." ---Louis D. Lavalle
About the author
This Heartwarming Memoir Portrays the Lifetime of the Authors' Beloved Yorkshire Terrier in Words and Intimate Photographs While Offering Compelling Glimpses of Pre-Covid New York City and Nearby Environs Our daily routine, along with those of families across the globe has changed one-hundred-fold since Covid. We find ourselves wishing for the life that was. That's why the original book, Millie! A Love Story, makes a welcome and heartening read. Based on the real life of Millie, their beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Louis and Roseanne tell a story that takes you back to a world that was real, not so long ago. Both happy and sad, the events portray touching, intimate moments with Millie, together with scenes from New York City and surrounding countryside which most likely will never be the same. Millie! A Love Story chronicled her life with her parents between 2004 and 2020. The new book, Millie! The Last Chapters retells Millie's story but with intimate photos throughout its 218 pages, each photo captioned in Millie's words with a quote from her blog. If you have any questions or comments please contact the author directly: [email protected] "The memoir has some beautiful moments of levity to balance out the emotional rollercoaster that I one hundred percent was not expecting." -Jamie Michele --Readers' Favorite Book Reviews
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