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  • SubGenre:Diet & Nutrition / Macrobiotics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:540
  • eBook ISBN:9781667884455
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667884448

Matrix of Nutrition

Macrobiotics and Nutritional Science

by John Dudley Harmon

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Matrix of Nutrition: Macrobiotics and Nutritional Science unravels the correlation food has with illness and wellness. Learn about the vegetal whole foods that heal the body, along with the processed/refined foods, simple sugars, and commercial animal products that damage health. Harmon takes the reader on an adventure into the evolution of humans, ancient grain civilizations, and into the twentieth century's age of chemistry and the corruption of nutrition. Matrix becomes a primer for discerning information from misinformation and disinformation in a world of diets and food philosophies that fail.


Matrix of Nutrition aligns progressive nutritional science with macrobiotics' balance of vegetal whole food nutrition. Major health organizations advise reducing and eliminating the same adulterated foods and eating the same whole foods as macrobiotics. Harmon indicts the neglect of public health in a world ambivalent to the dietary guidelines of major health organizations and today's science of nutrition.

Discover an evolution of hunter-gatherers foraging vegetation, learning to cook with fire, and cultivating grains, beans, and vegetables that became the three primary food groups of humans. Matrix of Nutrition reveals the vegetal whole foods proven to advance health and the processed/refined foods, animal products, and simple sugars proven to degrade health. Matrix exposes the misdirection of nutrition by industry, media, education, TV, and healthcare.

Harmon explains macrobiotics' Unifying Principle using the physics of yin-yang and the history of its development and application. Macrobiotics' principle of unification becomes the missing link in progressive nutritional science. The theme of Matrix is the correlation of adulterated food and illness. The focus of Matrix is the correlation of vegetal whole food and wellness. 

About the author

John Dudley Harmon studied macrobiotics under the tutelage of Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Michio Kushi, and Naboru Muramoto. Harmon had the privilege, during Seattle's early macrobiotic community, of tutorials with Lima Ohsawa, macrobiotic master culinarian and wife of modern macrobiotics' founder, George Ohsawa. Harmon has over fifty years of macrobiotic practice, research, and experience. Harmon writes and lectures about macrobiotic whole food health, progressive nutritional science, and the macrobiotic way of cooking. His articles appear in the periodical Macrobiotics Today. He is available as a macrobiotic consultant and lecturer worldwide. Harmon divides his active lifestyle between Alaska, Washington, and Thailand.