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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Love & Marriage
  • Language:English
  • Series title:MARRIAGE MANUAL
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:116
  • eBook ISBN:9798350923520
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350921472

Marriage Manual

From Vows to Victory: A Devotional Journey to Build a Flourishing Marriage

by Crystal Boney and Scott Boney

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The Marriage Manual: From Vows to Victory is a 31-day devotional by Scott and Crystal Boney. Strengthen your connection, communication, and God-honoring bond with daily insights, prayers, and wisdom.
Discover the path from Vows to Victory in "The Marriage Manual," a 31-day devotional meticulously crafted by Scott and Crystal Boney. Whether you're newlyweds embarking on the journey of marriage or seasoned partners seeking to reignite the flame, this devotional offers an empowering roadmap to create a thriving, God-honoring union. Scott and Crystal Boney, with two decades of marital experience, share profound insights garnered from their journey. Inside this devotional, they unveil a treasure trove of daily reflections, practical prayers, and biblical wisdom that inspire couples to deepen their connection, elevate their communication, and gracefully navigate challenges. More than a mere guide, "The Marriage Manual" resonates with couples eager to prioritize their relationship, cultivate spiritual growth together, and experience triumph by aligning their bond with divine design. The accessible format and captivating content make it an invaluable resource for those striving to establish an unshakable foundation, surmount obstacles, and revel in the profound joy and contentment that a godly marriage can provide. The Boney family believes that the family unit stands as their paramount ministry, and their children, Asher (19) and Rylie (18), represent their most cherished achievements. Their journey imparts a lesson of boundless grace and limitless possibilities—a testament to the magnificence of God's providence. Scott and Crystal's devotion to loving God and humanity shines through in their openness to hear and share personal stories. They fervently believe that stories are a potent tool, capable of fostering connections and inspiring transformative growth. While their path was marked by trials, the unwavering faithfulness of God saw them through, motivating them to share their narrative in the hopes of liberating others. The Boney's story underscores the redemptive power of faith and serves as an embodiment of divine constancy. Their mission, regardless of audience size, is to convey the intrinsic value of every individual, unburdened by past mistakes or setbacks. Illuminating a path of healing and wholeness through a deeper connection with Jesus, their narrative encapsulates hope, vitality, and the promise of a radiant destiny that awaits on the other side of obedience. "The Marriage Manual" beckons to all, inviting them into a world of renewal, health, and completeness as they embrace the love of Christ.
About the author
Scott and Crystal Boney have celebrated two decades of marriage. Their family, including their beloved children Asher (19) and Rylie (18), is their central ministry and greatest life accomplishment. With unwavering love for God and people, Scott and Crystal aim to lead by example, always pointing others towards Jesus. They find inspiration in the power of personal stories and believe that sharing these narratives can be a transformative tool for those seeking healing and freedom. Their own journey, marked by challenges and unwavering faith, serves as a testament to God's faithfulness. Through their story, they strive to show that everyone matters, regardless of their past, mistakes, or failures. Their ultimate goal is to spread hope, emphasizing that obedience leads to a beautiful destiny, and that every individual has the potential to be healed, healthy, and whole through a relationship with Jesus.

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