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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:338
  • eBook ISBN:9781620959077

Mariner Valley

by James Crawford

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Combining the very best elements of hard science fiction with a suspenseful, action filled manhunt, this novel is an exotic adventure set in a future colonial Mars. Following a trail of destruction across the remote outposts of the Martian wastelands, police vigilantes are eager to exact revenge on a gang of hardened criminals who are desperate to flee justice or fight to the death if cornered. Explore an alien world of breathtaking beauty where death is only a mistake away and love may be found in the most unexpected places.
A gang of desperate outlaws fleeing justice. An armed posse eager for revenge. A thrilling chase across the high desert wastelands...of Mars! This is the setting of James Crawford's Mariner Valley. The space-faring nations of Earth have established settlements on the surface of Mars, some separated by hundreds of miles, where advances in science and industry are the order of the day. But technologically advanced societies still have dirty jobs to be done, and the growing ranks of bored and restless workers breeds a growing crime problem. A high profile murder draws police officer Ben O'Ryan into the adventure of a lifetime. The killers have fled the American settlement at Chryse Planitia in a stolen military vehicle bound for the Russian base at Sinai Planum where they can get a flight back to Earth and safety. Ben's mission is to catch them before they get there and bring them to justice. With a hand picked team in five similar military vehicles, he sets off into a howling perihelic dust storm to pick up their trail. Compounding the difficulties of weather, terrain, and isolation, Ben must check a swelling tide of revenge among the officers, including his new love Beth Dailey, who seek vigilante justice for the killers, and threaten to expose a dark secret from Ben's past. Full of action, danger, and "makes-you-feel-like you've-been-there" details of Mars, the story drives hard to an explosive climax on the floor of the canyon system known as Mariner Valley. Indulge yourself in exotic adventure!
About the author
Growing up in the heady days of space exploration, James Crawford avidly studied astronomy, planetary science, and space technology. Both a military brat and veteran he developed a love for action, adventure, and hard science fiction which merged into a fascination for the colonization of Mars and the stars beyond. Join him for exotic adventures on remote alien worlds where wonder and danger go hand in hand and individual courage determines triumph or victory.