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  • SubGenre:Conflict Resolution
  • Language:English
  • Pages:216
  • Paperback ISBN:9781734195101

Love Coach Therapy

Players. Spectators. Instigators

by Denise Taylor

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Love Coach Therapy is a self-help book with a touch of romance. The 6 featured stories are fictional. However, pragmatic and relatable. Unorthodox Professional sets out to guide family, friends, and couples back to LOVE. By using the Coaching as the preferred method,  resulting  in gaining entry into locked hearts in pursuit of the unpacking emotions and healing past hurts.


In this book, the decisions made are as real, intense emotion even if only fleeting anger. Therefore, the passionate affections of the approach to Love are hard to resist and the sting of the betrayed hurts deeply. Love is known for being somewhat mysterious and hard to read, but this is only until the gates holding back the growing passion spring open full force. To most people, passion sounds like it may only apply to a hobby or an intimate relationship, but for the Coach in each documented case study, it applies to EVERYTHING. The energy of these case studies is unmatched, and it oozes out when in session. Despite it all, Love can be calm when necessary in the face of those whose intentions are uncertain. Love has a great affinity for the secrets, due to its self-defense and sometimes just pure curiosity, but no one will truly know, Love delights in being the untouchable enigma one moment and the predictable passionate presence the next. Love is intelligent, ambitious, sensitive and very encouraging. The devotion that loves shows to its chosen heart is absolute. Love reminds us that an unhealthy emotional state can cause one's protectiveness to turn into possessiveness. Love is capable of extreme jealousy to the point that it has ruined some of many relationships. Scars from past relationships have made Love feel impossible to trust new partners, leading to unfairly stifling its enjoyment and social life for everyone to be loved. The stubbornness of Love and leanings toward an unforgiving nature are common roadblocks to those finding success with potential romantic partners or within other relationships.

About the author
Denise Taylor lives life guided by her passion. She has been known for her keen sense of truth; she can recognize Fu Gazi from a mile away. She considered herself as a self-proclaimed Love guru. She has no formal training in the arena. However, she will lend an ear to friends and strangers alike only if it comes from a heart filled with unadulterated love. She believes that everyone has a story and or many stories, she prefers to read personal books by interacting with those she calls "co-authors" whom she encounters directly within her everyday life.