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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:African American & Black / Urban & Street Lit
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Book 1
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:560
  • Duration:8 Hours 31 Minutes
  • eBook ISBN:9798350905755
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350903416
  • Audiobook ISBN:9798350921564

Look and See Me

Opposites Attract

by Laren Blanca

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Sixteen-year-old introvert, Janeeva Boldin has kept herself hidden in the shadows since she was a little girl, afraid of too much attention being brought on her. She then crosses paths with seventeen-year-old Brian Gaither, who was raised and influenced by his brothers who are known gangsters on the streets in Long Beach, California. All it took was one look into his beautiful green eyes, and she was determined to have him. And even though her creamy, brown eyes had him stuck as well, she was a chameleon to him. He didn't know how to decipher her. He saw the beauty but, on the outside, she was just this shy, tomboy with no sense of style with her baggy clothes and unusual behavior. With Janeeva's determination to win over Brian's heart, her best friend gives her a whole makeover that finally gets his attention. Now, as opposites attract and they begin their journey to getting to know each other more, she's brought into a completely different world to the one that her brother, Trevor has tried to keep her away from! As she deals with the issues that Brian does on the streets, she also experiences heartbreak and envy while she tries to figure out his relationship with the other girls in his life. However, as she's trying to figure him out, he's trying to work out the different feelings that he's developing for her.
As I felt another pair of eyes on me, I could see Janeeva in my peripheral, staring. I looked at her and she just gave me this frustrated look, and then she looked away. I saw the pain all in her eyes, and it made me feel some type of way. I didn't like the feeling. Lovely looked over at her, because I guess she felt her staring, too, and she gave her a sneaky-ass grin as she checked out her costume. "Playing the sexy geek role tonight, huh? That was pointless; why play something that you already know so well," she said. "Damn . . ." Cliff said. Janeeva didn't say anything; she just glared at her. "Man, be cool, cuz," I said. I wasn't up for the bullshit. "And we see that you playin' the thotty-thot-thot role tonight!" Lia stepped up with her hands on her hips. "Oops!" she said, throwing her hand over her mouth. "That's an everyday role for you, huh? Lil bitch!" Everybody started laughing, and I just sat back and massaged my temples. Here we go! "You know, it's funny how you're always protecting your lil pet," Lovely said. I sat up and told her to shut the fuck up. "Yo, you goin' too far," I said in her ear. "Bitch, what?" Lia snapped. "Your pet, you take them under your wings. They usually become your best friend, train them and teach them to be more like you," she chuckled. "You two fit perfectly for that description," she said as there was an awkward silence around us. Yeah, these niggas didn't know how personal the shit was about to be. I knew Lovely's mouth, so I knew off top what the funk was about to be like. However, I didn't expect the next thing that happened. Before Lia could even hop on Lovely's head, Janeeva quickly stepped out of her heels, grabbed Lia, pulled her back and ran up on Lovely, giving it to her ass until she fell off my lap. I saw it coming, but I never knew Janeeva was so quick. I tried to get up when I saw her coming, but Lovely's ass leaned back and pushed me back down in the seat. Once Lovely was on the ground, she tried to fight back as she reached up and tried to grab Janeeva by her hair, but Janeeva's blows were too quick. Everybody was so shocked that it took a while for anybody to react, because no one ever expected this from her. She was going harder than Lia went when she beat Lovely's ass at my house. Finally, Quarterback came into the group, and when he saw his little sister giving it to her, he instantly reacted and pulled her off, which made everyone snap out of the whole scene. "Get the fuck off of me!" she yelled, with tears streaming down her eyes. She fought to get from Trevor's grip, but he wouldn't let her go. I looked at Lovely for a moment, and her face was red. She was also spitting blood out of her mouth. When she looked at the blood in her hand, she glared at Janeeva, stood to her feet and tried to get her while she was restrained. I grabbed her and swung her back. "Now that's what we don't do. That's a bitch move, cuz," I said as I gripped her arm and shoved her into SixPacc and Twinkie. They grabbed her as she tried to rush her again. I was already irritated with her and wanted to slap the shit out of her for causing this shit to happen. But I wasn't worried about her right now. I was more worried about Janeeva. I turned and looked at them, but it looked like something else was going on . . . something was going on with Janeeva. "I can't breathe . . ." I heard Janeeva say under her breath as she gripped on to Quarterback's shirt, breathing heavily. She was looking down with these wide eyes as tears were falling from them and I could tell that she was trying not to make a scene, but her breathing started to get heavier. "Try to breathe in slowly, Jay . . ." Quarterback said to her in a muffled voice, trying not to make a scene as well as she struggled to catch her breath. "My chest . . . It hurts. I can't breathe; I can't breathe!" she panicked.
About the author
Laren Blanca is a proud "Cali Girl" from both sides of the state! She was born in Long Beach, California, raised there for thirteen years of her life and then moved to Sacramento, California. She has always had a passion for writing. She loved poetry, short stories, and urban fiction books. The "Look and See Me," series started off as just a therapeutic release. She missed being back in her hometown with her family and friends. So, she started to write in hopes of getting away from her own reality and stepping into her own world! Not once did she think to let others enter this exciting, courageous, and "lit" romance that she created! She turned a six-hundred-page novel into four books! Yes, there is more to come! So, let us step into her world and enjoy the ride!