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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Family Life / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:251
  • eBook ISBN:9781624883200

Longhorns and Pearls

by Joe T. Massey

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Zeb was a rancher from Wyoming that wanted was to become a Navy Seal; his only desire in life. He was cut from the Navy Seal training because of his lack of swimming ability, so he returned to Wyoming instead of making the military his career. Old man Tate, a local rancher, hired Zeb, taking him under his wing, eventually helping him to set up his own ranch. It was easy for Zeb to do well at ranching, better than to women, whom he had trouble lassoing. His dream was to eventually grow longhorn cattle but procrastination prevailed.

It was on a Thanksgiving Flight from Washington State that Zeb met an executive CEO named Kathleen, from Chicago. It was easy to see there was nothing common between them; her attractiveness had caught his eye, that much couldn’t be denied. Suffering a severe impact from a flock of geese, their aircraft eventually was forced to crash land in the wilderness of Idaho; The Wilderness of No Return. Surviving until a rescue party found them, gave Zeb and Kathleen time to reflect upon their lives. First and foremost was how to survive the frigid temperatures with no food. What was valuable became less valuable to them in the wilderness.

As Zeb and Kathleen talked a lot sitting by the fire, they realized that dreams and ambitions never had become realities. Kathleen’s roots were from Alabama and troubles with her family gave her the push out of town after college, sending her to Chicago. She wanted freedom but it came with a cost. Instead of having a family, a dream, she had become a workaholic. Her present fiancé whom she had been visiting in Washington, wasn’t the one she wanted, he only filled the emptiness. Zeb, on the other hand had held back raising longhorn cattle; they were his dream since the Navy Seals were out of the picture now.

Zeb and Kathleen became close during the wilderness stay. After the rescue they stayed in touch. Through Zeb’s urging, Kathleen contacted her mom, with whom she hadn’t spoken to in many years, giving healing to the wounds from an angered childhood; only because of what Zeb had done in the wilderness crash site. A robbery soon after returning home left Zeb injured just before Christmas, and that helped to pull him and Kathleen together once again as the magnets of love proved supreme and their lives began a fresh beginning. 


Many people are living lives that have dreams hidden from view. Maybe they have pushed the dreams so far inside themselves that it’s been forgotten. Sometimes the dreams are hidden only from those around them, but constantly upon their own heart.

Dreams may have been pushed aside to pursue a career or start a family or a major occurrence of life caused it to end and therefore never became a reality.

This book will hopefully enable the reader to reach back and find that happiness and joy they desired in life and let it blossom again.

About the author

Joe T Massey writes southern novels and lives in Bruce, Mississippi, where he was born and raised. Though he has traveled much of the globe, on every continent, during the Navy and employment with The Boeing Company, he returned to his roots in 1999. He is retired but continues to run a business today only fifty feet from his birthplace. Joe loves to share his beloved south with others, for it truly is a place of integrity, filled with a loving people like no other place. He blows the horn for the south loudly, for the roots run deep in his soul, which his books reveal.

Other books of Joe are: “Reaching High”, “Under the Red Oak” and “The Bell.” (The Bell not yet published)

If you enjoyed this book let him know; either by a note or email; either would help him write with more enthusiasm.

P.O. Box 125

Bruce, MS 38915