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  • Genre:LAW
  • SubGenre:Civil Rights
  • Language:English
  • Pages:16
  • eBook ISBN:9798350914511

Limiting Gun Violence Without Limiting Gun Ownership

Examine the 2nd Amendment and describes how it can be used to limit murder.

by Philip Ramsey

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"Limiting Gun Violence Without Limiting Gun Ownership" presents an in-depth examination of the 2nd Amendment, arguing for a reinterpretation that safeguards citizens while preventing dangerous individuals from acquiring firearms.

A careful and thorough examination of the 2nd Amendment suggest that it is very different from what many people think. In fact, rather than giving US citizens a free choice of all and any Gun they may like, the 2nd Amendment can be used to prevent the most dangerous people from having easy access to guns. The DC vs Heller (2008) case, gave Dick Heller the right to have a gun in his home for protection. However, Dick Heller was a police officer and, therefore, qualified as a member of a 'Well Regulated Militia.' Other gun owners may not be qualified to have a gun for personal protection as was Dick Heller. 
            The present book suggests how gun owners can be qualified to have a gun for personal protection while also limiting dangerous people from easy access to guns.

About the author

Hailing from Dothan, AL, the author boasts an impressive academic record with a major in math and psychology from Georgia Tech, he spent two years in the Peace Corps educating high school math students in Nigeria. Followed by a Ph.D. in Psychology from Hofstra University. He later taught Psychology and Statistics at Queens College of CUNY. Currently residing in White Plains, NY, the author finds joy in playing bridge online and watching classic romantic comedies. An avid reader, he has a keen interest in biographies, science, and good, science fiction.