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  • SubGenre:Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge
  • Language:English
  • Pages:383
  • eBook ISBN:9781667804095

Krivda, the Godtrix against the Matrix

by Enna Reittort

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Do you assume religion to be a matter of spirituality? But haven't you also noticed how our modern secular institutions of money and science behave exactly like religion - with dogmas, infallible high priests and the blind faith of everyone else in strange beliefs? Have you considered that money and science might be the gods of their own religions? Don't brush aside that piece of cognitive dissonance for it is only the tiny tip of a very large iceberg. It demands urgent elucidation, now more than ever. Embark on a terrifying journey into the genesis and growth, modalities and hidden purposes of institutional religion both religious-spiritual and secular-materialist, as a sophisticated tool of priestly control over humanity through fear, guilt, poverty, commodification of Nature and the theft of humans' natural spiritual sense. A tool perfected over millennia, now revealing its endgame - a post-human dehumanized future, the final sacrifice of our precious planet and of our uniquely human soul to a Life-hating god hidden in plain sight all around us.
The decade of the 2020s is poised to be a pivotal moment in human history, a time of apocalypse and chaos as our familiar but sick civilization collapses and a new order claims to rule over the world. Most of us were taken by surprise in 2020, but what is unfolding today has been, in fact, in preparation for a very long time. And behind hyper-materialistic technological appearances it is rooted in religion as a system - a system that flies under the radar of what 'religion' is commonly perceived to be by both religious and non-religious people. Religion is overwhelmingly understood to be a matter of spirituality. But who is prepared to see 'spirituality' in the blatantly 'religious' behavior of our modern secular institutions of money and science - complete with dogmas, infallible high priests and people's blind faith in them? This piece of cognitive dissonance is far from trivial. It demands urgent elucidation. Scratching below its surface, you embark on a terrifying journey into the genesis and growth, modalities and purposes of organized 'religion' as a sophisticated tool of priestly control over humanity through fear, guilt and many facets of profound poverty, perfected over millennia, deploying its endgame... right now. Have you given any 'informed consent' to the religion of a post-human future run by ruthless high priests in sacrifice of all-of-life to an all-devouring god? 'Religion' in its complexity is considered here from different angles largely unexplored by critical observers - the perspective of the common folk, the position of gods and priests, the Life expression of Earth and Nature, and the view from 'somewhere beyond the gods'. Anthropology of traditional cultures and grassroots esoterics is woven in with history, insights from beyond 3D, and the real meanings of words, to decipher the occulted identity of gods and their religions. Masters and systems of deceitful theft, with intensely sacrificial machineries, have operated for thousands of years at the expense of the natural culture and inspiration of richly human economies, the wealth of Nature, and of all of life. This book is for anyone who wonders where humanity and our planet are headed, who may be in fear and helplessness under the onslaught of cumulative crises. It is for those who sense that the very essence of being-human is under attack by disproportionately more powerful forces. It is for those who wonder (or have already found) what is their role in the unfolding drama, and who know that for a future built on truth it is necessary to know and dissolve the lies of the past and the present. Understanding 'the long game of the gods' is a crucial key to reclaiming what it is to be human in the fullest sense of your soul-full and creative calling on this extraordinary Earth planet. And we still find traces of truly Human traditions to provide clues into what might well be the 'long game of humanity'.
About the author
Enna is an anthropologist of grassroots traditional knowledge who broke away from academia after receiving her PhD for a thesis based on ten years in a little known esoteric tradition of India. She is also a linguist and regenerative farmer in a remote corner of Southeast Asia. Her focus of exploration is the recovery of 'what it is to be Human', of our place and role in the life of planet Earth and possibly in the life of the Universe.

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There is no doubt that Krivda is the most important book I’ve read in my 50 years. I’m grateful to author Enna Reittort for this hopeful, forceful and timely work, weaving together obscured historical threads and exposing hidden agendas with incredibly coherent nutrient-dense language. In Krivda, Enna encapsulates and adeptly exposes the social engineering and mind control so pervasive and normalised by the ruling classes across our trauma riddled past. Immediately enthralled by the introduction I felt the beginnings of an untangling occur in my critical thinking brain. Enna has referenced and connected the dots between millennia of scholarly work, the humble knowledge of grassroots peasants and her own experientially-powerful intuitive “knowingness”. Enna beautifully encourages our trust in this “knowingness” as well as gently stating that we must take responsibility for our own salvation. This opus concisely exposes the background and working parts of the “priestly classes’” bureaucratic structures and how relationships between and hierachies within the religions of Big Money, War, Tech, Pharma and Vaccines follow the same patterning of Christianity and other Big religions. With a potent force Enna brings hopeful clarity to the deep murky waters of our time. After slowly reading Krivda (twice over the past 4 months) I better understand “the end game of the Techno mind god”, how we’ve ended up here and what we can do to stand our ground in co-creation with the great powerful being that is planet earth. With anthropological, etymological and extraordinarily spirit-full acumen Enna topples the gods’ creaky edifices built of mythical vagaries and crooked word spells that have long entrapped the traumatised human population. I see this book illuminating the high water mark of what Enna calls “the long game of the gods” with its terrible war against nature, nature based Shamanic knowledge and the mutual natural harmony between the sexes and mother nature. Although Krivda could be a very challenging work for some, I believe we need to be talking about the rich content in Enna’s enlightened act of revealing the likely truths behind many thousand crooked years. You won’t be disappointed with this book, it’d be a great one to pass along as well as one to keep close. Read more
AMAZING! An unequivocal literary masterpiece digging deeply and eloquently into the underbelly of our perceived “reality” to expose the twisted and manipulated false-truths perpetuated on Humanity by greed-ridden grand masters for centuries on earth. A scholarly tour de force beautifully orchestrated by the author, who is impeccably credentialed, to be easily understood and digested with copious footnotes and references. This is an opus that should be required reading for those interested in the path that humanity has been led which has brought us to this point in existence where we have lost the essence of what it truly is to be exquisitely human. It reveals the truly incredible process of how our basic needs and proclivities have been co-opted and then corrupted by the “gods” of religion, money, war, science and tech, to name a few, within their elaborately maneuvered structures. It is incredibly thought provoking and should be read, shared and discussed by everyone concerned about where we are headed in this Universe. It is, without a doubt, one of the most, (if not the most), important, compelling and life-changing books that I have ever read and I am forever grateful to this marvelous author for the enlightenment. Read more
A great book! It took me pretty much re-reading to comprehend everything, but it makes an awe-full lot of sense of what’s been going on lately and what I have been ‘feeling’ for a big part of my life. I have shared the book with my 77 year-old father, he has also read it completely and it has made him reconsider a lot of programming he has received the last 7 decades! Definitively a must-read! Read more
A Book to Read Enna weaves an intriguing trail through cultures of the past to inspire ideas for the future as we move away from a form of living that has taken us away from nature and truth Read more
Original and rivetting read Through understanding our past we can decipher our present and who better to be our guide than Enna Reittort, an anthropologist and classical scholar. She takes us on a journey to our distant past and with her careful eye and sharp pen shows how ancient truths are being twisted by krivda - deceit. She dissects the way we are being manipulated by our language and reminds us of the values that make us truly human. I thoroughly recommend this wonderful book which is beautifully written and which provides an original perspective on many of our current problems. Read more