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Enna Reittort
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In my capacity as a Human Being, fiercely and tenderly in love with our Mother Earth, I am devoted to our human co-evolutionary bond with her, and to pursuing the fullness of what it means to be human.

As an anthropologist, my field is that of traditional cultures and grassroots wisdom. Having acquired a PhD on the basis of ten years with an esoteric caste-denying Indian subculture, I turned away from academia to ‘go native’ as an aspiring peasant in the spirit of regenerative farming. I practice what might be called ‘deep’ anthropology, experiential rather than theoretical, and in apprenticeship to Nature, our deep teacher whose language is understood by our multidimensional bodies. 

This anthropologist got her education in the west but credits her un-learning to the east. Life in both the west and the east has made me a polyglot who takes words seriously. But I delight in silence, where my contemplative self is nourished. I live at the edge of a village in Southeast Asia, among tropical trees and paddy fields, and a large free-ranging menagerie.