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Book details
  • SubGenre:Martial Arts / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:192
  • eBook ISBN:9781890536039

Koryu Bujutsu

Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan

by Diane Skoss

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"Explore the old to better understand the new." Gain deeper insight into your martial arts training by learning about the ancient Japanese warrior ways. This book is your guide to their martial traditions, the koryu bujutsu--ancestors of the modern Japanese martial arts.
Koryu Bujutsu is a collection of eight essays by the world’s most experienced non-Japanese practitioners of the classical martial arts, including Hunter B. Armstrong, Meik Skoss, Diane Skoss, David A. Hall, Liam Keeley and Ellis Amdur. These individuals have spent decades in Japan training and researching with the headmasters of a number of these ancient traditions, and their essays provide a behind-the-scenes look at these most exotic and secretive of the Japanese martial arts. Includes 33 photographs and bibliographical references. Contents: "Introduction: Keiko Shokon" by Diane Skoss; "The Koryu Bujutsu Experience" by Hunter B. Armstrong; "The Meaning of Martial Arts Training: A Conversation with Sawada Hanae" by Meik Skoss; "Field Guide to the Classical Martial Arts" by Diane Skoss; "Marishiten: Buddhist Influences on Combative Behavior" by David A. Hall; "Tenjin Shinyo-ryu Jujutsu" by Meik Skoss; "Kato Takashi: Reflections of the Tatsumi-ryu Headmaster" by Liam Keeley; "Koryu Meets the West" by Ellis Amdur. With a Foreword by Colonel George H. Bristol.
About the author
Diane Skoss founded the publishing company Koryu Books in 1996, and is the creator of Koryu.com. Prior to moving to Tokyo in 1987, she earned a Masters of Library Science and an MA in English. She was Managing Editor of Aiki News/Aikido Journal for six years, beginning in 1990, and was in charge of producing most of the books published by Aiki News during her time there. In late 1997, she returned to New Jersey, where she and her husband now run a dojo. Her own martial arts training began with Tomiki aikido in 1982 at Indiana University, and she holds the rank of 4th dan by the JAA; she has also trained in jukendo (5th dan), tankendo (3rd dan), atarashii naginata and judo. Skoss began her classical training in Shinto Muso-ryu jo under menkyo kaiden Phil Relnick in 1991, and she currently holds the menkyo license; she then entered the Toda-ha Buko-ryu under Soke Nitta Suzuyo in 1993, and holds an okuden license. She is the editor of the "Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan" series.