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  • Genre:TRAVEL
  • SubGenre:United States / West / Pacific
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Journeys Across Nevada's Wild Lands
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:500
  • eBook ISBN:9781098326913

Journeys Across Nevada's Wild Lands

A Photographic Exploration

by Rich Schweickert and Will Barber

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Nevada, a land of extremes in topography, aridity, and geology, is a vast and wild area, the seventh largest state. Nevada's rugged, mountainous topography contrasts dramatically with that of most surrounding regions in the western U.S. Its landscapes and geology are very diverse, beautiful, and far more interesting than first meets the eye. Our photos may surprise you! In addition, the geology of Nevada is remarkably complex. Other states will seem tame by comparison. A little geology background, just enough to be dangerous, will enable you to see and understand things you never knew were there. This is a book with captivating scenery, colors, patterns, and landscapes, and some surprising historic vignettes. Additionally, it is a travel companion that will make your Nevada trips more informative and enjoyable and will assist in your exploration and adventure. We present photos, maps, and brief explanations of what you are seeing when you drive through Nevada, from a geological perspective. We have tried to inform you, the traveler, about Nevada's geological resources and geologic history, about human impacts, and the "law of unintended consequences." You will share in discovery of many wild places and points of interest, and you may find a few nuggets of information.

"Journeys Across Nevada's Wild Lands" is a tour of the vast, rugged state of Nevada. Its 109,826 square-miles are roughly equivalent to the area of the United Kingdom and Denmark. Nevada is a land of extremes--a vast, mountainous, dry place almost empty of people. The mountainous scenery, colors, patterns and landscapes capture the arid beauty of this wild land and give rise to stories about Nevada's geologic history, human impacts, and the "law of unintended consequences." Its geology is extremely diverse and spans about 2.5 billion years. A crazy array of rocks. Immense thrust faults. Countless volcanic centers and lava flows. Normal faults everywhere. Innumerable deposits of gold and silver. With dramatic photography, original color maps, and vignettes, this travel companion takes you on journeys through time and space across Nevada and some adjacent scenic parts of California. You will share in discovery of many wild places, points of interest, and some nuggets of information.
About the author

Rich Schweickert, retired professor of geology, Stanford B.S. and Ph. D., with nearly 50 years of research and teaching. He is a former faculty member at Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and University of Nevada-Reno (UNR); he is a past department chair and Foundation Professor at UNR. He has taught courses in introductory geology, stratigraphy, structural geology, tectonics, and field geology. He has firsthand experience from extensive field research in nearly all parts of Nevada and adjacent parts of California, including Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada; his Tahoe research has been featured on a number of TV news programs and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. He has also done field work in Alaska, Antarctica, Chile, Corsica, and Newfoundland. He has over 200 professional publications and has served on various national panels and committees in geology and tectonics. Rich is enthusiastic about Journeys Across Nevada's Wild Lands.

Will Barber, retired biologist, Arizona State University B.A and M.S., and Michigan State University Ph.D. He has carried out research in Alaska, Arizona, Australia, California, and Michigan. He is a former faculty member at University of Alaska-Fairbanks, withover 30 professional publications. His photography, in the style of Ansel Adams, has been featured in numerous exhibitions in northern Nevada. His website is northernnevadaphotography.com. Will's photography is featured in Journeys.