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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Occult & Supernatural
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Jacob the Jew
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:480
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098361167

Jacob the Jew In Pursuit of The Asian Blood Merchants

Book One of a Jacob the Jew Trilogy

by J.W. Durrah

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This novel, JACOB THE JEW IN PURSUIT OF THE ASIAN BLOOD MESSENGERS IS THE 2nd Edition of this story; the original novel, JACOB THE JEW VS THE CHINESE BLOOD, was a mistakenly published WORK COPY that is replete with errors. This is the tale of a young, bi-racial man who has been raised in the world of witchery and black magic as taught to him since his fifth birthday by his grandmother Elizabeth Jennings in Lautir, Louisiana. Jacob has lived with Elizabeth and her husband Paul Jennings since Jacob's father, a soldier, died in Vietnam. Jacob becomes the army after moving from Louisiana to New York and since he is now a police officer in New York, the army situates him within the department of Intelligence who assigns him to work as an assistant to Usata Onanoka in Tokyo, Japan; Usata is director of community affairs in Tokyo and is investigating gang activities. He assigns Jacob to browse the community as a student and see if he can find out info on gangs. He finds Desirlee Sakura, War Counselof for the largest gang in Japan, THE LAST ORDER. Using sorcery on him, Jacob almost loses his life and is relieved of his assignment and returned to his intelligence unit now in Taiwan. He is again put on loan but this time to Chief Inspector of Police Chang. as his assistant in the investigation of a new, highly addictive drug, Cherry Berry. Jacob infiltrates the gang but falls in love with Ginger, a gang member, and she with him. After a failed raid by Chang on suspected drug creator, Dr. Cheung, Chang is put on leave, Jacob is reassigned to Tokyo and Chang joins him; both men join Onanoka who is investigating the presence of foreign gangs in Tokyo; later Onanoka's investigating team determine a link between Dr.Cheung and the gangs and everyone now is on board for finding and destroying Dr. Cheung's drug operation.
JACOB THE JEW IN PURSUIT OF THE ASIAN BLOOD MERCHANTS is a 2nd Edition novel following the life of a young biracial man living in Louisiana and being raised by his grandparents, Paul and Elizabeth Jennings. Jacob's father has been killed in Vietnam and his grandmother is raising him teaching him witchcraft and black magic; she belongs to a coven that is highly secret and her rank, DEATH WITCH is the highest in the order. Jacob proves to be an excellent learner and also quite good at using what he has been taught, though he only has one or two occasions to do so. When Jacob moves to New York as an adult, he becomes an NYC Police Officer but has an urge to go to Vietnam where his father was killed in action. He joins the army but ends up in Army Intelligence and assigned to duty in Taipei, Taiwan where he is assigned to Tokyo, Japan on loan to assist the Director of Community Affairs, Onanoka Usata, in his investigation of new gang activity there. Told by Onanoka to browse neighborhoods pretending to be a student to see if he can find any info on gangs newly arrived in Tokyo. Jacob meets Desirlee, a beautiful young woman, a member of the largest gang in Tokyo, THE LAST ORDER. Accompanying her to her house he almost loses his life by being entombed in her sorceress's "Dream." Fearing for Jacob's life, Onanoka has him quickly reassigned to Taiwan but his Intelligence unit, again due to his being a police officer in civilian life, sends him to Hong Kong to assist Chief Inspector of Police, Owen Chang in his investigation of a new, mysterious drug, Cherry Berry being shipped only to New York; it is not available in Hong Kong on the street or anywhere. No one, other than possibly the gang associated with the drug, and the drug's creator who is thought to be Dr. Wo-Ling Cheung, China's leading and most renowned research scientist. Chang agrees that Jacob should pose as a big drug dealer in order to gain confidence with the gang and he does; however, he falls in love with a gang member, Ginger, who is equally in love with him, compromising them both. Jacob meets the drug's co-creator, Yongli Baofung, and a deal is made for Jacob to deliver a goodly number of weapons to The Chinese Blood gang and in exchange, they agree to perhaps barter part of the cost of the weapons with Cherry Berry. Dr. Cheung agrees to show Jacob how the drug works giving him his guarantee that he will doubtless want to forgo the money and take Cherry Berry in total exchange for the weapons. Jacob runs the deal by Owen Chang who agrees to the deal. While delivering the weapons with Chop Chop Chewy, Jacob's nemesis riding next to him in one of several army trucks carrying army weaponry the convoy is hijacked and Jacob was taken, prisoner. Later, as a prisoner, Dr. Cheung has told Jacob about the drug Cherry Berry, how it can turn humans into creatures, the kind Jacob has seen evidence of, and more importantly specifically for whom the drug is designed. As Cheung is about to inject with the Cherry Berry and But the moment Cheung is about to inject Jacob with the drug, Chief Inspector Chang's police burst open the door and everyone flees the officers. But Chang's raid on Cheung's estate is a failure and Cheung's political allies make him pay for it. Cheung flees to New York saying he fears for his life with Chang about and Jacob is reassigned to Tokyo because of the uproar Chang's raid causes. But Chang, after being forced by his superiors to take a leave of absence, moves to Tokyo with Jacob; He joins Jacob as part of Onanoka's gang task force; they are investigating heavy gang presence in Tokyo and the rumor they are creating a creature that will be all-powerful. Next, we see a horrifying creature laying siege to Tokyo's Police Headquarters, humans turned into a monster as Onanoka's task team attempt to define and defend Tokyo.
About the author
Author J.W. DURRAH holds a B.A. from Columbia University and an MFA from New York University where he established the first writing program for the prison population at Bellvue Hospital. His short story, SOMETHING TO REMEMBER was published in Essence Magazine and he has won several awards for his poetry.; His undergraduate paper analyzing the film, THE PAWNBROKER for its excellence, has been placed in the archives of MOMA. Mr. Durrah has written the words and lyrics for an all-black Musical, "HOW DO YOU SPELL WATERGAIT"? He is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with over twenty years in practice and holds the title of Master Hypnotist. His novel, JACOB THE JEW IN PURSUIT OF THE ASIAN BlOOD MERCHANTS recaptures some of his experiences, adventures, and secrets whispered to him while living in the Far East. Mr. Durrah also holds a third-degree black belt in Moo Duk Kwan Karate awarded his first degree in Korea. Using an acting ensemble he organized from his neighborhood where in his free time he taught acting, stage managing, lighting, etc for the theatre, he produced and wrote an hour-length script for his cable tv show, J.W. DURRAH'S UNLIMITEDPEOPLE., INC., satirizing films, actors, and showcasing singers, poets, writers, entertainers in general; the show was filmed by NBC TV since his show was the most popular cable tv show. After premiering it on NBC'S TODY SHOW, a year or so later, NBC premiered their own (an eerily similar "version?") satirical comedy show, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE; Durrah's show was a precursor to SNL. Employed by the Amsterdam News, the city's largest black-owned newspaper, Mr. Durrah wrote reviews for both the theatre and was also a reviewer of movies. As a college professor, he has taught at Malcolm-King college, at Touro College, and at the College of New Rochelle where he taught a new course in Perceptual Psychology/Art; the course deal with the art of perception and how our mind tricks (or convinces) us that we are seeing what is not possible; viz., three-dimensionally on a two-dimension surface.. He has also recruited and organized young people an acting ensemble teaching and training them Stage Managers, Lighting for the theatre, acting, and directing. His ensemble performed plays written by Durrah in theatres all around Manhattan, all of them filling the roles of positions they have been taught to carry out including acting. Mr. Durrah has studied and continues to study; Chinese (Mandarin), Italian and Spanish. He worked briefly at the Church World Service where he served finding lodging, food, and clothing for South African students who are studying at Columbia University. Occasionally his school courses in Italian aided him in helping to translate refugees in need of help from the Church World Service; specifically, Romanians speaking Italian. As a hypnotherapist, Mr. Durrah has corrected the bad behavior of many clients and has been able to achieve interesting results using deep hypnotic trance. One client had a terrible stuttering disability but after a single session with Durrah, her stuttering no longer existed. He was able to stop one of his students from getting grand mal seizures; her doctor called and had a long conference with Durrah, and asked him to please continue working with the client and as long as he was under Durrah's care using hypnosis, she no longer had seizures of any type. Mr. Durrah suggested a program for Sloane Kettering Hospital for terminal cancer patients who had habituated to their pain medications. He was to use hypnosis to stop all pain and thereby replace meds of any kind. The idea was received with great enthusiasm by the hospital, but unfortunately, Durrah's personal schedule became too great and he was unable to initiate the program. Teaching at Touro College in the Bronx, Durrah offered to teach the staff "waking hypnosis" for the purpose of alleviating the stress students have prior to school exams, sometimes causing low scores.