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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Motivational & Inspirational
  • Language:English
  • Pages:60
  • eBook ISBN:9781609849931

Its Your Right To Be Wrong

Overcome your fear of making MISTAKES today

by The Coach with the Hat

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Why it is we FEAR making mistakes? Why does the fear of getting it wrong stop you from moving forwards in life? What would it be like to finally overcome that fear and get more of the things that you want? If you identify with any of these questions, then this is the book for YOU!
Working with various athletes, peak performers, and entrepreneurs, Elliot saw that there are so many individuals out there who have big goals, big visions and big dreams, but they simply cannot move forward and achieve them. Their biggest obstacle is making mistakes. It isn’t necessarily the mistake itself but the fear of making the actual mistake. However, The Coach with the Hat believes that making mistakes is an absolute MUST if you are to move ahead and achieve the end results you desire. The book teaches people the importance of mistakes, letting them occur in your journey and how they can actually be good for you. The book will teach anyone the benefits of taking calculated risks and how they can actually help you positively. ‘It’s Your Right to be Wrong’ is a powerfully written story of Elliot’s amazing journey, combined with observations and simple, effective lessons. It will help you move to another level in your life, and you will know after reading this book just how possible any goal really is. It offers simple lessons on how to silence your doubts, focus on your goals, and get the results you want.
About the author
In an earlier career, against all odds and the advice of all those around him, Elliot had achieved his dream of becoming a professional dancer – recognized on the world stage and accumulating over 1000 hours in front of audiences, life was good… until it all came to an abrupt end while performing a routine move, as Elliot sustained a career ending injury and was forced to pursue a different path with his life. Rather than acknowledge the negativity surrounding his situation, Elliot fought hard to focus on pushing his life ahead positively; Using the same drive and determination that had made him a success on stage, Elliot pushed himself through various occupations in an effort to find an alternative career with the same level of satisfaction: Already successful in the world of corporate training and development, it was not until a chance encounter with a friend that his eyes were opened to the world of coaching, and the positive impact that it could have on people’s lives. Elliot quickly realized that this was a path he would choose to follow. In the time since that day, Elliot has worked with a multitude of professionals and athletes alike to help them unlock their potential and overcome any obstacle on their road to success. He has worked with a professional cyclist, mentally preparing and guiding him through one of Europe’s most arduous tests of endurance, as well as leading goal setting sessions with Gold Medal Winning Olympic Rowers. As well as helping individual athletes achieve their goals, Elliot also works with business people – individually or part of a team: One recent client saw an increase in customer retention of 40% after working with him. In the past 12 months, Elliot has garnered significant attention as a result of 2 things: Firstly, placing 3rd in the ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’ competition gave The Coach with the Hat brand national recognition. Secondly, Elliot has also published the first book under The Coach with the Hat banner: ‘It’s Your Right to be Wrong’ is a powerful, concise, snapshot of Elliot’s no holds barred philosophy and life lessons. It is Elliot’s innate ability to inspire you, and turn any challenge into an invigorating lesson and a dynamic action that has made him one of the UK’s most sought after coaches. His disarming demeanor and infectious enthusiasm allow his clients to engage with him fully and achieve their goals, and in 2011, he will take the Coach with the Hat brand all the way onto the world stage.