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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:316
  • eBook ISBN:9780615388342


by John Ronane

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Misguidance of youthful love can be traced to greater conflicts. In this action-adventure-romance, the influence of war, love, hope and hate, and how they interconnect to create the world we live in.
Set in the UK, Jacqui, a young girl grieving for her soldier father, meets Ray, a homeless young man. They fall in love, and while both envision a desirable future, this was a time of high unemployment with little to encourage optimism. Jacqui's mother, a psychic, cannot accept her husband's death--and sadly for Jacqui, disapproves of Ray. In an ironic twist, Ray finds the very weapon Jacqui's father lost--and upsets his new love by being unable to see how any dreams can become reality without use of the gun. That this was the very philosophy that took her father heightens Jacqui's dilemma. Meanwhile, the IRA (under the covert leadership of a London priest) plan an invasion of the army town of Aldershot--by using the newly reopened canal. In preparation for this, many operatives slowly slide into place--and with Semtex explosives supplied by Colonel Gaddafy, they wire up a Dutch barge and sail it into the town to be detonated. As Ray and Jacqui investigate plans to make their future happiness secure, pieces of life's jigsaw are slotting into place that will conclude together in Aldershot--in a hail of love, betrayal, hate, friendship and death.
About the author
As an actor, John Ronane starred in Harold Pinter's THE COLLECTION in London's West End as well as on television. He has appeared in numerous TV dramas, including THE AVENGERS, THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII, STRANGERS, ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL, THE PERSUADERS and THE SAINT. Emmy-nominated for staring in A WAR OF CHILDREN for CBS (lost to Lord Olivier), he spent time as a member of the ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY. He was 1st published in England by Odham's Press in MR. CRABTREE'S FISHING GIFT BOOK. A novelist, screenwriter, and playwright, his other publications include HANK GOES DANCING