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  • SubGenre:Business & Productivity Software / Email Clients
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Eliminate the Chaos at Work
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:146
  • eBook ISBN:9780986220227

Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook 2010

by Laura Leist

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Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft® Outlook 2010® is written by Productivity Consultant, Laura Leist, CPO. Laura has over 15 years of experience consulting and training on Microsoft® Outlook®. She truly understands the challenges individuals face on a daily basis at work given the amount of e-mail sent and received and what information individuals must stay on top of to be as productive and efficient as possible at work. This 150+ page book is a step-by-step guide that includes screens shots that shows you how to customize and organize information every step of the way. This book will do much more than just teach you “how” to use each component of Outlook®; instead it will teach you how to use all of the components together to create a system that you can use to effectively manage information. It will also teach you “why” you want to do this. This book includes chapters on all of the components in Microsoft® Outlook® 2010, including: • E-mail Inbox • Calendar • Tasks • Contacts • Notes Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 will save you valuable time each day if you implement the techniques in this book. Individuals that have taken Laura’s class on Microsoft® Outlook® have reported saving anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour a day using her techniques.
I realize there are several Microsoft Outlook 2010 books on the market and you have a choice as to which one you purchase. If you have already purchased this book, I thank you and I hope that you will find a great deal of value for your small investment. If you are trying to decide if this is the book for you – please continue reading as I will answer that question for you. Most of the Outlook 2010 books on the market show you ‘how’ to use the components of Outlook; such as: Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. This book is different because it tells you ‘WHY’ you want to use certain features of the program and how to get the most from them. What Makes Me Qualified to Write This Book I am not just another ‘author’ writing a book about Microsoft Outlook. Many technical writers are more than capable of doing this. Instead, I am a Productivity Consultant with an education in Management Information Systems and Technical Writing. I have taught Microsoft Outlook Classes for over a decade – beginning at community colleges in the Seattle area. It was in the 1990’s when I began to get frustrated with the quality of the training materials I was being asked to teach with. While the books I used taught the students how to use each component, what it did not explain was “HOW” to use all of the components together and “WHY” you would want to do this – thus maximizing the use of this program. It was because of this that I decided that I needed to write my own class materials, which eventually became my first book on Outlook – Organizing & Customizing with Microsoft Outlook 2002. I then wrote the follow up books; including: Organizing & Customizing with Microsoft Outlook 2003 Organizing Your Workday Using Microsoft Outlook 2007 E-mail Solutions Using Microsoft Outlook 2007 Business Solutions Using Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager In addition to my teaching experience and much more importantly, I have over two decades of consulting experience working with businesses to streamline their business processes with the use of technology. I understand the challenges individuals and organizations face on a daily basis with the use of Microsoft Outlook and how to organize and retrieve information quickly when needed. Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the most comprehensive Outlook book that I have written. It is chock full of ideas, tips and suggestions for how you can apply this to your business.
About the author
Laura Leist, MOS, CPO®, CRTS Founder, President and Chief Organizing and Productivity Consultant Since launching Eliminate Chaos in 2000, Laura Leist has walked her own talk about getting more done to allow “More Time for Life®.” A poster child for getting much accomplished, this self-described overachiever and award-winning entrepreneur has grown what was once a one-woman show into a thriving business. She has also written nine books, including: Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity (Wiley 2011) Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft® Outlook 2010 Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life (Sasquatch Books 2006) Today Eliminate Chaos operates five divisions – speaking, business, home offices, residential organizing, and relocations for residential/commercial clients. Appreciative clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, paper-and-systems-fatigued law offices, high-profile authors, speakers, athletes and media personalities, solopreneurs, and divas of domesticity. Though they come from all walks of life and work, they all share a universal need to invest in professional help to escape the clutter, disorganization and lack of productivity that slows them down, steals valuable time from their lives, and puts a crimp on their upside earning potential. Eliminate Chaos employs productivity and organization specialists who are united in their belief that everyone can enjoy life more if they just get organized first. Laura sets the example for the team. She has the rare ability to serve as a strategic, big-picture thinker AND handle the most complicated, detailed projects without letting anything slip through the cracks. Laura’s IT Experience Eliminates Chaos at Work Laura's education, training, and dynamic background in information technology bring welcome calm to the technology storm. Her proven ability to streamline processes was rewarded early in her career when she was recognized as the employee of the year for SAFECO Surety. For over a decade Laura designed computer systems to manage work processes and information to help employees store and retrieve information quickly. What makes her contribution to client success so valuable is the combination of her prior career experience and her gift for explaining how to make the most of technology in a non-geek-speak way. Creating Order Out of Chaos So Clients Find What They Need Fast Clients come to Laura overwhelmed by technology tools and the steep learning curves associated with making the most of them. Laura consults with clients about their business processes and creates custom productivity systems. As a result, clients gain control and mastery over mobile devices, customer relationship management tools, and file sharing systems that save them valuable time and make life a whole lot easier. For those for whom technology tools were once a challenge, this is cause for celebration. Clients Rave Client’s rave about how the company delivers on its promises. Laura and the entire Eliminate Chaos team listen compassionately and deliver systems, professional advice and customized organization and productivity solutions that really work. Best of all, they can be easily and seamlessly maintained. Clients breathe a sigh of relief as they put into practice systems created just for them that deliver practical, priceless, and life changing benefits.

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