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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Spiritual Growth
  • Language:English
  • Series title:How to walk in the supernatural Dimensions 1
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:216
  • eBook ISBN:9781098334925

How to walk in the Supernatural Dimensions

by Dr Alfred Ee

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Three thousand years ago, King Solomon wrote by the inspiration of God, "For as he thinks within himself, so he is". When Jesus Christ walked this earth, He said, "Out of the overflow of his heart, his mouth speaks" (Luke 6:45). So our minds, our thoughts are very important because they influence our speech and our actions. It is our thinking that makes us what we are. So what fills our thoughts and minds most and what influences our thoughts most? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves: WHAT/ WHO CAN INFLUENCE OUR THINKING? WHY DO WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR THINKING? HOW DO WE CHANGE OUR THINKING? RENEWING OF THE MIND God wants to do special things through us in these last days! The Israelites before they came back to rebuild the altars, had spent seventy years in exile. They had to rebuild the altars because they were too comfortable in Canaan. They had neglected their life especially their devotional life. Once the spiritual life is neglected, the enemy will come in to kill, steal and destroy. Be alert to the enemy! The strategies he uses are: To deceive us To dominate us To destroy us The devil will tell us "Do not be too committed as Christians, go to church on Sundays but be casual on Monday to Saturday." These are the lies of the enemy and his deception. Secondly, the enemy wants to dominate or control our thoughts, speech and actions so that we are led further away from God. Thirdly, he wants to destroy our spiritual life. You will understand the principles of how to walk live in the supernatural and have revelation knowledge as you in calculate the principles in the book

What we say is so very powerful. In the book of James it tells us that our tongue is a small part of our body but it can cause so much destruction if it is not under the Lordship and control of the Holy Spirit. Likewise our tongue can be very effective as we speak the right words and as we recognize that as God spoke creation into being so we can speak things into being in our lives through confession of His Word.God created us spirit, soul and body. Our spirit is the area that has a personal relationship with God; our soul is our mind, emotions and will; and our body is the physical outer shell. Our spirit man should always be in control of our soul and body, however, as women they are too much governed by our emotions – what we feel. You will learn to walk by faith what it means the impacts of faith what faith is and how to operate in real faith in God wisdom word and power .The scriptures ask us to examine if we be in faith the right kind that produces results .faith without works is dead .there is dead faith devilish faith ,unfeigned faith miracle working faith mountain moving faith the gift of faith the word of faith exceeding growing faith faith out of a pure conscience faith that works by love world overcoming faith and by faith and patience you can inherit the promises of God .Understanding what hinders faith such as strife pride fears self flesh cares of the world will enable you to live in the realm of glory .Why things sometimes seems to fail to work and overcoming the hindrances is in each chapter and will lead you to experience the life of the supernatural How to live a life of faith be committed holiness a life of prayer and overcome the flesh self an dthe devil in spiritual warfare ..How faith comes and how to build your faith is clearly explained in the book so you will reach the highest kind of faith in God .Understanding the Spirit man the law of imagination , what the spirit comprises of or the components of the spirit and that you are a spirit your place authority will release you to a new level in life .The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits." Daniel 11:32 One of the most important foundations for our faith is to know God. Daniel was a prophet and he was speaking prophetically to our times and our day. The people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits. HOW DO WE KNOW GOD God wants us to prosper be healthy and experience his abundant supernatural life be victorious conquer overcome in life whatever the enemies we face How you can receive the anointing and impacts of the anointing is yours as you lay hold of the truths in the book .There are 5 levels of intimacy in the word and it is clearly explained to you. God will richly bless you as you dedicate yourself to study yourself approved unto God a workmen who is not ashamed and preach the word with signs wonders miracles and walk in the supernatural Association creates affiliation and results in manifestation are principles in the book so you can flow in the supernatural manifestation and power of the supernatural
About the author
Dr Ee first received his theological education in 1978 at Christ for the Nation International, Dallas, Texas. In 2004, he earned his Doctor of Ministry from the New York International Institute of Church Management and was working on a second doctorate (pending) with Trinity Theological Seminary Indiana USA. Dr Ee has been in the ministry for more than 40 years and involved in global missions in 25 0ver nations. He has served as a pastor, professor, evangelist and missionary (Taiwan) and specializes in expository preaching of the Word with signs and miracles following.In 1987, Dr Alfred Ee founded World Mission Outreach, an apostolic missions and evangelistic organization to reach the nations particularly in Asia and Europe. WMO is associated with global mission agencies such as bible schools, orphanages, and Christian media network for the purpose of organizing evangelistic healing rallies, leadership conferences, revival meetings and producing Christian literature. Dr Alfred Ee has ministered extensively across denominations in nations such as Burma, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain, Portugal besides his home country, Malaysia. Some of the highlights of Dr Ee's ministry include ministering among the poorest of the poor in Burma in the early years where the blind were healed, tumors disappeared with numerous receiving Christ. Throughout the years, whether in small congregations or mass rallies of 30 thousand attendees, hundreds of conservative Anglicans, Lutherans and other mainline denominations were filled with the Holy Spirit and touched by God's love grace and supernatural power of the Holy Spirit Anointing in their lives as they attend the meetings giving all glory to God forevermore who is to be highly priased for the things God does. miraculous power. In the cities of Pintung and Kaoshiung, Taiwan, many Presbyterians received healing and gave their lives to Christ. In the Philippines, Dr Ee is currently working with over 300 churches, orphanages and Christian schools particularly the Liberty Foundational Christian Academy in Butuan City, Mindanao. Dr Ee has also taught and preached on Rhema Spain, a Christian television network which reaches out to hundreds of thousands of viewers in Spain. He is a regular speaker at the Annual International Conference of combined churches in the Prayer Mountains in Taiwan such as the Tainan Galilee Prayer Mountain, Miaoli Prayer Mountain and Hualien Prayer Mountain. Each year, hundreds of participants across denominations would flock for a weekend of spiritual renewal, ministry and receiving of God's Word in these prayer mountains. Dr Alfred Ee has also written the following books where many readers testified of supernatural healing just by reading them: "How Faith Cometh" "How To Receive Your Healing" "Supernatural dimensions Vol 1 "How to be Healed of a Wounded Heart" "Spiritual Warfare" "The Covenant of Healing" and etcTHIS WORKS I DO YOU SHALL DO ALSO AND GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL YOU DO BECAUSE I GO TO THE FATHER." THEREFORE , GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACHING THE GOSPEL TO ALL NATIONS ARE THE KEYNOTES TO THE MINISTRY OF THE DR. ALFRED EE FOR NEARLY 40 YEARS.In this books are key and principles of the supernatural dimensions which has been the teachings that has seen the power of Gods word and spirit and its our desire to pass the revelations to those who are seeking a higher dimension and how to operate in the supernatural.Dr Alfred EE MOVES IN THE APOSTOLIC FAITH AND Prophetic, EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY. IN 1987, WORLD MISSIONS OUTREACH WAS FORMED. SINCE THEN DR. ALFRED HAS TRAVELED TO ALL CONTINENTS AND IS ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN CRUSADES AND MISSIONARY EVANGELISM IN MANY NATIONS OF THE WORLD. AS A RESULT, MANY PEOPLE ARE EXPERIENCING SALVATION, HEALING AND RENEWAL THROUGH THE MINISTRY .

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