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  • SubGenre:Counseling / Academic Development
  • Language:English
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:29
  • eBook ISBN:9798350950274


by Dr. Marc NADER

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PASSION FOR SUCCESS Passion propels us to achieve our purpose and we would continue even when challenges are overwhelming. Passion helps one to surmount obstacles and move to a higher level. It's the fuel that launches one forward to attain success. Persistence pays. When one has a passion for success, he (she) understands that there is always a tension force between vision and reality and he (she) will never give up until his (her) goals are fully attained. It all boils down to "How bad one wants it".
Time is finite, precious and free, yet priceless. We cannot own it but we're able to use it whenever needed. We are not permitted to keep it, but may utilize and spend it. Time lost can never be recovered or purchased. It is important to acknowledge that time is a vital intangible element in all aspects of our lives. In the modern world, however, people tend to prioritize money over time when in fact time subjugates money. Without time money cannot be earned or generated. Additionally, time has the ability to create money but money is ineffectual toward time. Therefore, the "time is money" approach validates the findings because money doesn't possess the artistry to preside over nor to rewind elapsed time. One who does not have a fair understanding of time will not prioritize nor value it in his (her) life and will have a very arduous pace to fulfil a purpose and seize life opportunities. The concept is quite simple as time progresses; most products consumed as well as real estate increase in value.
About the author
Dr. Marc A. NADER ( EdD) is a doctoral graduate in Educational Leadership and management. He has written several academic books such as " Failed Nations and Communities (The second Mental Independence) and Shared Leadership ; A Path toward Happiness or discontent . His doctoral leadership dissertation also serves as a sample on the ProQuest e Library for graduate college students . Furthermore, Dr. NADER has developed several courses and curriculum as an independent contractor for a few companies including a 7 modules course book entitled "How To Build Wealth progressively with real estate" . The ultimate purpose of the textbook is to educate the general public about the significance of excellent credit and the very simple steps to build wealth progressively using these methods .