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  • SubGenre:Creative Ability
  • Language:English
  • Pages:217
  • eBook ISBN:9781483530369

Holographic Mind: Thinking The Future

Unleash Your Original Ideas

by Eileen E Cooper, PhD

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Imagine visualizing creative ideas with time-transcending imagery on an inner TV. Or tapping into a high-tech muse so clever it can dialog with the mathematical rhythms of the Universe. The planet needs thinkers. Not just someone with a good idea but with ideas so innovative we feel like our brains have morphed into modern-day Leonardos, Einsteins, or Teslas and are problem-solving us through the 21st Century into the 22nd. Holographic Mind: Thinking the Future teaches how to unleash original ideas by thinking in a four dimensional (4D) hologram---capable of capturing hints of future realities. Discover ground-breaking research on three-dimensional (3D) spatial intelligence. Plunge into case studies that disclose startling insights into mindBody uses of whole-within-part holographic logic sparking Eureka! moments. Master a new way to view reality. Strategies coach how to reach the apex of your creative potential by introducing new vocabulary, concepts, and thinking skills. Learn to think not just out of the box but out of the Universe. Decipher unorthodox solutions hiding in the eleven-dimensions (11D) of spacetime Chaos. A fascinating read, you’ll never think the same again.
Holographic Mind: Thinking the Future explains how innovative thinkers create original ideas. Based on Eileen E. Cooper’s doctoral research, it compares the hologram to non-verbal creative thinking skills. It produces a model that educates futurists to envision unorthodox realities that solve problems by capturing hints of future realities. In sum, Holographic Mind: -validates both imagery and muse as abstract forms of cognition -demystifies how the mind thinks like a hologram envisioning the future -describes the mindBody connection to futuristic knowledge flowing in the Universe -quotes researchers like Bohm, Pribram, and philosopher Renee Weber tying a knot between traditional and holographic logic -provides a fun primer on the eleven dimensions (D) and directions (D) of spacetime -reveals atypical rapid-fire incubation methods -discusses the moxie, doubt, and play needed to implement original ideas -includes strategies for developing holographic imagery, an inner muse and more -contains 27 illustrations Holographic Mind: Thinking the Future promises to receive both ovations and its share of criticism as does any original idea. Regardless, it will not be forgotten.
About the author
Eileen E. Cooper, Ph.D. has taught gifted education for over forty years. Her visionary book on original thinking shifts our view of reality by weaving together the intricate connections between mind, body, and spirit. It makes public important creative-intellectual skills needed to meet the demanding challenges of our age. Writing from the perspective of a professional educator, Cooper is adept at making complex ideas simple while enthusiastically engaging the reader in mind expanding strategies. Her educational articles on creativity and inventive thinking have appeared in The Journal of Creative Behavior, Gifted Child Today Magazine, and the Journal for the Education of the Gifted. Dr. Cooper holds the distinction of winning the Donald Parker Scholarship for most innovative research from Saybrook University, being Rollo May’s last graduate student, and winning a Fulbright Scholarship to Japan. As an expressionistic painter, she exhibits locally in Connecticut.