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  • SubGenre:Robotics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:124
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350913484

"Hey, Alexa?"

Fun Conversations with My Smart Assistant!

by Melton Carr

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“Hey, Alexa!” is a book of playful, imaginative, and though-provoking conversations between Artificial Intelligence assistant “Alexa´ and the author. Although this is not a scientific exploration about AI, it may get you to wondering just how far the “Alexas” of the world may take us. The author imagines asking “Alexa” “…are you, actually real?” The answer he imagines “Alexa” giving may surprise you!

But as the author tells us on the book’s cover, he intends this to be “Just for fun!”

--Jim McConnell


Melton Carr has authored a very interesting book about “Hey, Alexa!”. I found this book not only informative, but much fun entertaining to learn. The information Melton opened to Alexa…It is a great read for all those taking the time to meet Alexa and her ways of expressing her opinion.

A must read is my opinion.

--Chic Peterson



A glossy cover, 8.5" X 8.5 "book with 124 pages of funny, actual or imagined, conversations the author has had with his Smart Assistant "Alexa," enabled by a unique voice enactor and this amazing ECHO DOT device.
About the author
Melton Carr in his business life, years ago, was a creative director, art director and illustrator for several busy advertising agencies in the USA. Later, in his creative career, he became a popular caricature artist creating quick, funny sketches of the many "characters" he happened to meet. His interest in ocean sailing, the Caribbean, and the many holiday tourists he met while island-hopping with his 32' sailing yacht "Freya" inspired him to write his fictional stories and satire based on those many adventures of his. After being gifted with a little Echo Dot, coupled with his own fascination for today's Ai technologies, Melton has now written of those many curious conversations he has had, or imagined, with his abled, smart friend "Alexa."