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  • SubGenre:Social
  • Language:English
  • Pages:26
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667847368

"Hay Girl, Hay!"

A Tail of Telling your Truth

by Emily Allen

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A unicorn in a world of horses learns the beauty of being themselves, and the importance of having pride in who they are. The story serves as an inspirational fable for LGBTQIA+ kids everywhere, as well as a touching tale that anyone would adore. The message is simple: it's alright to stand out! Sometimes, the things that make us different are exactly what give us the potential to be superstars! Everyone can relate to feeling left out; Uni the Unicorn teaches children to take criticism in stride and to lean into their natural gifts to really shine! Bright colors and whimsical setting make for a magical adventure in this picture book, with page-to-page hand-painted illustrations. The use of watercolor provides a unique experience for the viewer, with each brushstroke breathing life into the pages. Poetry and rhyme are incorporated into the work, which provides for an immersive and rhythmic read.
Uni, a non-gender-specific Unicorn, finds themselves to be the 'lone ranger' amongst their community of horses. Within this fairytale universe, the horses around Uni adhere to very strict norms. Uni realizes that they were created differently from the rest of the horses, but they face adversity with grace and pride. Despite being singled out for their uniqueness, Uni stands strong in their own truth. With their natural sparkle and determined demeanor, Uni shows the other horses (and the world) that their differences are what make them so special! The fable serves as a parallel for the experiences of queer youth. From being ostracized, and feeling 'different' from one's peers, Uni undergoes some of the struggles of lacking representation. Despite feeling alone and dealing with judgement, Uni stood tall and true to themselves. The 'winning of the race' is symbolic of overcoming the struggle of existing as oneself when LGBTQIA+, and of being prideful in your identity. In the end, by living freely and confidently, even the horses that made fun of Uni were made to see the error of their ways. The message to take away is ultimately to be comfortable in your own skin, and to create your own definition of 'normal'. Even though their lifestyle and identity wasn't 'normal' to the other horses, Uni lived proudly and set an example that there are different ways to exist. Through their strength and visibility, Uni was able to change the horses' perception of what a winner was. The horses learned then, that judging someone for being different is pointless, and that there might even be new things to learn from those who live differently than themselves.
About the author
Emily Allen is an independent author/illustrator, studying Studio Art and Psychology at Appalachian State University. A passion for the arts, regardless of medium, has driven Emily since youth. Whether it was poetry or paint, the creator has always been drawn the beauty behind the expression. As per Emily: "Growing up queer was a very different experience 20 years ago than it is today...it's my hope that this book can provide for LGBTQIA+ families and children the visibility I lacked as a child. It would've meant so much to have someone like Uni to look up to and see myself in, to help understand and feel pride in what makes me 'me'. If just one kid can relate to Uni and feel like they matter, I'll have reached my goal!"